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Safety Aspects of Forklift Certification

There are safety risks involved in the maneuvering of hydraulic powered trucks, prompting the federal requirement for forklift certification. Online licensing instruction not only satisfies the obligation of the law; it equips drivers of heavy machinery with excellent preventive education.

A comprehensive hazard avoidance curriculum is available for a modest $38 and slightly over an hour of your time. The downloadable accreditation will qualify you for three years anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

There are around 100,000 reports of incidents regarding industrial equipment each year. Tipping is a leading cause of lift injuries. Pedestrian mishaps and collisions are other statistical factors. The slide show helps you to know your vehicle and enhances your understanding of the physics of secure operation, enabling you to avert overturns. You will have a maintenance checklist which can be printed for daily inspections. The class covers falling load accidents and various workplace conditions that need to be considered when navigating.

A questionnaire is included to allow you to assess whether you recall the details of the presentation, followed by a multiple choice test with twelve questions. After a few minutes, you should have a passing grade, which will earn you the option to get your documentation electronically. You will be armed with suggestions to keep your machine in top working condition, as well as ways to circumvent unfortunate events that could occur.

Forklift certification is so simple to obtain, and reduces the chances that you could be engaged in a casualty. The price for getting your training is negligible, but the cost of non-compliance could be catastrophic. With the convenience of a computerized course that is even accomplished on your Smart phone, why would you wait another day to get your credentials as a knowledgeable and skilled operator?

This is why safety is key

If you are wondering about the potential dangers involved with operating a forklift, then look no further. This article describes why it is important to take measures to prevent injury as well as the types of injuries that frequently occur.  This is yet another reason why it is so important to follow OSHA guidelines while operating this type of vehicle. You can find this article as well as other related information by visiting the following link here at:

OSHA: A quick, yet helpful reference

Operating a forklift requires skill and proper OSHA training along with certification credentials. Be sure to know the state requirements where you live and other pertinent information related to operating a forklift. You can read more by visiting  By knowing the regulations where you reside, you can be better informed in making a career decision and keeping safe on the job. It is a win-win for everyone.

This device can save you from having an accident

There is now a device called Body Guard that can help reduce the risk of a collision either vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to person. This device works similarly to the devices that are installed in many vehicles today by alerting the driver when there is an object or a person in too close of proximity to the forklift. Read more here:

If you need a checklist…We found one

Joyce Schwob pretty much sums it all up in her blog that can be found at: The blog gives you a great checklist for what all you need to be on the lookout for when you perform your safety inspections on your forklift. This can come in really handy for newly certified individuals in need of a planned routine.

Why Does OSHA Require Forklift Certification in Atlanta, Georgia?

It is no secret that OSHA won’t hesitate to fine an Atlanta, Georgia, company for failing to comply with their laws, but the question is why? More specifically, why does the Administration require that you obtain forklift certification if you want to drive a forklift in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? Let’s examine the reasons.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a branch of the Federal government that is concerned with workplace safety. Around 1970, Congress created an act to promote the safety of workers. The best way the government can do this is to create penalties for not following the laws that are put into place to protect workers.

So how does forklift certification fit into the picture? Well, the vehicle is a piece of heavy machinery, and failing to operate it properly can lead to damages, injuries, and even death. According to one study, the most common cause of accidental death was due to overturning the vehicle. If you are unaware of how to safely load the lift or drive the machine, this could easily lead to tipping.

According to that same study, getting proper training significantly reduced the number of errors that operators made. While not all accidents are caused by errors, a vast majority of them are, and knowing how to safely operate your the truck could just save your life or the life of a fellow coworker.

If safety isn’t motivation enough, which may be the case for many companies who are just looking to make a quick buck, the fines will surely deter Georgia employers from ignoring these laws. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, fines can start anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 per violation, and can increase or decrease based on several factors.

Basically, if you want to be an operator, it is in your best interest to get your required credentials. One of the bonuses, though, is that your license is not state-specific, meaning that it will be recognized in all of Georgia, the United States, and even Mexico and Canada. So head on over to our website at and enroll today.


Forklift Certification Promotes Work Safety in Chicago

When it comes to obtaining the necessary credentials in order to operate a forklift in Chicago, it may feel like a hassle. However, it is important to understand that the laws have been put in place to protect Illinois workers. Following are some of the reasons why you really are the beneficiary:

While the vehicle may not look all that big and impressive, it is still considered heavy machinery, and if not handled properly it can cause serious damage. Most accidents occur because of ignoring one or two seemingly insignificant safety procedures. If you do get into an accident, you could injure or kill yourself or others, or you could damage valuable merchandise.

OSHA seeks to minimize the incidents of workplace accidents in Chicago and throughout the country. This is why they have certain laws in place. While not all accidents are preventable, some are, which means that some workers are losing life, abilities, and wages senselessly.

If your employer is found using workers who do not have current forklift credentials, he or she could receive serious fines. For this reason, your boss will most likely require you to have a current license. If not, then it’s still a good move on your part to protect his or her liability; you don’t want to get caught on the wrong end of that situation.

When you are applying for a job, most employers will appreciate that they don’t have to spend the time and money to have you certified. This means that you could get a leg up with the job you want if you’ve taken the initiative to become licensed on your own.

As you can see, these regulations aren’t a matter of OSHA just trying to be bossy. These rules and requirements are in place to protect you, and make for a safer environment for everyone. You can watch this video if you’d like to find out more about the federal mandate for this training:


Refresher Forklift Training

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires all forklift drivers to undergo refresher training courses periodically. The refresher class should be geared towards the specific device the employee is using in the workplace as well as for the environment they work in. Even experienced drivers need to be reassessed to confirm they remain competent to drive. Most refresher training will take place every three years, if a driver is learning a new machine, when a driver is spotted driving the equipment in an unsafe manner or if the driver is involved in an accident.

Training requirements for drivers include a classroom style training and a supervised driving training. With the classroom style, a driver typically will learn about the device he will be driving and safety measures specific to that vehicle. During the supervised drive an operator will be driving in the environment that he will be working in, including the terrain, structures and pedestrian traffic.

Specific work related topics should include, but are not limited to:

  • pedestrian traffic;
  • hazardous material locations;
  • proper ventilation;
  • proper use of ramps;
  • surface conditions;
  • load stability;
  • and any other work related items specific to the business.

Specific information covered should include, but is not limited to:

  • instruments and controls;
  • steering;
  • capacity;
  • stability;
  • engine operation;
  • visibility;
  • fork operations and limitations;
  • maintenance;
  • battery charging and fueling;
  • and any other information covered in the operations manual.

Classroom training can be done in a typical classroom setting, or more conveniently online. You can save both time and money by taking your certification with online classes such as at US Forklift Certification. The class is taken from the comfort of your own, or anywhere with a computer that has internet access. Once you have successfully completed the class, you are directed to print your certificate off and will be mailed you card shortly thereafter.

Once a driver is certified, a certificate will be generated and the driver’s employment file will be updated with name, certification (or re-certification) date, supervisor and signatures of both employee and training supervisor. This should remain on file through the employment in case there is a need for OSHA to review the certification.


New York City and Surrounding Area – New York Forklift Certification

New York  is one of the fastest growing states economically and industrially. That’s great news, especially in today’s economy. As you enter this industry, you will find that this is not a cookie-cutter position. There are several different types of vehicles that you may be asked to use, depending on your environment.

For instance, if you’re working indoors, you will most likely be using an electrical device instead of one that runs on gas. That’s because this will eliminate the flood of noxious gases coursing throughout the building. However, that also means that there will be different requirements when maintaining and using the vehicle.

As you go through your forklift training, you will come to understand all of these differences, and more. You will need to be aware of all workplace safety policies, and also the safety requirements as mandated by OSHA.

You will cover all of the federal regulations during your certification program, and these will be reinforced daily at the work site. The reason that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires this training is to help keep you and others safe. There are numerous accidents each year that cause severe injuries, loss of property, and even death. Being instructed in the proper use of these vehicles will indeed help to reduce the number of casualties each year.

The good news is that you are able to complete the entire certification course online. This is especially nice during those cold New York months when you’d really rather be inside in front of the fire than traveling on those icy roads. Once you purchase the course, you will immediately be given access to all of the training materials you’ll need.

If your life-plan changes, and you have to move for some reason, then you’ll be glad to know that your credentials will be good throughout the entire country (even Canada and Mexico). Your license is good for 36 months.


Nashville and Surrounding Areas – Tennessee Forklift Training

Tennessee has numerous opportunities for forklift drivers. Industries you could find work include home improvement stores, warehouses, recycling and distribution centers. If you desire a position in one of these areas, you must be at least 18 years of age and be certified. Your chances will greatly improve should you acquire certification before applying for a job. Taking a certification program is affordable and will improve your chances of finding a well paying job.

The good news is once you take the plunge and get your credentials, they will be good throughout the entire US, Canada, and Mexico. That means if life takes you outside of Nashville, you’re still covered.

One of the reasons this training is so important is to keep you and the people around you free from harm. The fork on your vehicle can cause a lot of damage if used inappropriately. That’s why OSHA has taken such a strong stance on this. In fact, if you are found to be operating the vehicle without the proper license, you or your employer could be on the hook for up to $10,000 in fines.

As you go through the training program, you won’t find any surprises. You’ll be reviewing the different kinds of devices, safety and maintenance instructions, how to properly load and unload the fork, and more. If you really want to get a good feel for what you’re in for, you can take our complimentary quiz to see how much you already know.