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Forklift Etiquette: what you must know

It is always wise to have good manners when interacting with others, but forklift etiquette can make a real difference in terms of the safety of the driver and others around him. There are several rules the operator needs to observe:

  • Always watch the area and people near you. Avoiding unexpected objects can be important for maintaining the balance of your vehicle, and individuals could enter the space at any time.
  • Give proper signals and warnings as you move. This allows any other drivers or pedestrians to be aware of your intentions.
  • Wear all protective gear such as hardhats, gloves, boots, or any other items necessary to your secure operation.
  • Never fail to conduct a complete inspection of all parts, tires, fuel, and every point on your daily checklist. This will help to ensure that issues are fixed before engaging the truck.
  • Be cognizant of the load limits of your forklift. Don’t overload or neglect to adjust the tines appropriately.
  • Watch speed limits as you navigate. A mishap is far more costly in both time and money.
  • Follow the regulations and safety tips from your online training class. While the internet instruction is convenient and inexpensive, it is a thorough explanation of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards and is provided to lower the chances of accidents. Be sure to renew your credentials every three years so that you will receive updated information as it is given and remain legally compliant.

Remember that your machinery is a form of automobile, and should be respected as you would a car. Many of the same principles that apply to the road also are applicable to industrial machines. Avoid the risk of danger.

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