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Forklift Safety First: Be On the Lookout for These

The main reason for the federal requirement regarding forklift certification is the safety of the driver and all those within the area of operation. With about 100,000 heavy machinery accidents recorded annually, precautions can be an important step to reducing that number.
Look out for falling objects. Make certain the fork has been properly adjusted for the size items being lifted. Correct balance decreases the chances of dropping materials.

  • Look out for people. Always check to see who is in the area before moving. Then watch for anyone entering the space as you work.
  • Look out for objects that may have fallen or may have been placed in your pathway. You should survey the zone before navigating the vehicle. Remain vigilant for anything you might have missed, or any other article that has since become relocated.
  • Look out for your machine. Conduct a complete inspection of your equipment before you begin maneuvering it. The checklist you received with your forklift certification course will guide you through the procedure daily.

Keep your eyes open and ears tuned for any unexpected event or arrival of individuals or other machinery. One of the most valuable qualities of a good operator is alertness.

If you are approaching the three year anniversary of your licensing, then you will need to renew your accreditation. You can do this online in only a couple of hours at about $38. The instruction meets all legal standards and gives you the necessary information to help prevent mishaps. The price includes the simple test, and the credentials are downloadable upon successful completion. This will keep you compliant for another three years and is accepted in Canada and Mexico as well as in every state of the United States.

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