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Your $38 in an Itty Bitty Nutshell

What can you buy with $38? In a nutshell, you can get complete training and forklift certification in a jiffy. That is an amazing price for any occupational education. How is that done? It is as simple as registering for the online video class. You can securely send the course fee electronically and get so much in return.

Watching the slide show on vehicle parts, daily inspections, and careful maneuvering will be fun and instructive. Visual learning is often the most effective teaching tool. The curriculum satisfies all of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and regulations. You will gain an understanding of how to prevent accidental tipping and maintain the balance of your industrial truck. You will learn about the risks of falling objects and how to circumvent the problem.

The exam that authorizes you to get your three year license is short, repeatable at no added cost to you, and follows a preparatory session. An acceptable score is 70% or above. Then your accreditation will be mailed to you. You could make the selection to print one for immediate use, as well. The whole United States, Canada, and Mexico consider the documentation valid.

Think how easy it would be to log on from your laptop on the sofa at home or on your Smart phone while elsewhere. That is totally realistic since the instruction and testing can be completed in under two hours.

Have you noticed all the stores, loading docks, and building sites where heavy machinery operates? Forklift certification could be a very sensible move on your part. Added to your job qualifications, this could boost your employability or earning power. You can quickly attain competence as you gain experience, providing a very necessary service. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we are proud to have helped lots of people get their start. This short story could be the link to your success.

The Ultimate Advantages to Online Forklift Certification

For years, the only option for those seeking forklift certification was to request admittance to a technical school and pay a substantial course fee. A routine commute and classroom attendance was necessary.

Today there is a far easier way to acquire your license. Instruction via the internet has made the requirement for proper credentials both simple and reasonable in cost. The online education is totally compliant with the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The legal standards are presented in a video format, focusing on driving and lifting techniques that avoid accidents. You will be able to identify the parts of the machinery and know how to inspect for problems.

After viewing the slide show for about an hour, you will take a short evaluation quiz. When you get at least 70% of the questions right, you will be given the option to download an official accreditation. You will later receive another by mail.

Your forklift certification training will cost you only around $38, payable on a secure site. The qualifications are accepted in any state in the United States for the next three years, and acknowledged in Canada and Mexico, too.

Ultimately, you can obtain your paperwork and begin practicing a new skill in the same day, if you desire. Very few job preparatory procedures could be faster or simpler. The presentation is effective, too, when it is time to renew your eligibility. You won’t have to take time off your busy work schedule to get the job done. In fact, you can do this at your leisure in the comfort of your home. You can even use your Smart phone, as well as your computer.

What are you waiting for? Log on to our website now and see for yourself.

3 Ways You Can Benefit from Distance Learning

Distance learning has become very popular with the advent of the internet, and training for forklift certification is now simply completed at your computer or on your Smartphone. What are the benefits of this when compared to travelling to a brick and mortar school and sitting in a classroom?

  1. The ability to access your instruction at a time and place that suits you is far more convenient than rearranging your schedule to go to a campus. You can study day or night, at home or on the go. You don’t need to wait in a line for registration.
  2. It is cost effective. Where can you get a comprehensive curriculum that meets the legal standards for less than $38? Yes, that is all you have to spend to get your accreditation to drive an industrial truck. The safety video explains the handling techniques and daily inspection requirements that prevent mishaps and keep your vehicle in tip top shape. The fee is paid electronically on a secure website for your protection.
  3. The entire educational slide show and test take less than two hours. The questionnaire is short, with multiple choice answers. Once you have achieved a passing grade (70% or better), you will be permitted to download your credentials. You’ll soon have a paper copy delivered by your postal carrier, too.

That’s not all: your forklift certification can be used anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico and does not expire until the end of three years. A supervisor may conduct the driving performance evaluation of the skill at your job when you have sufficiently practiced. If you already have your qualifications, but need an update, you can do that here, as well. Go to the U. S. Forklift Certification site today at:   We make it easy for you.



Getting hired: qualities your employer wants

Forklift certification can be the beginning of a great job, but what other qualifications are employers seeking in an operator? Here are some of the traits you want to cultivate for the best chances at a solid position:

You follow instructions well. This means you are a good listener, are able to recall all important points, and have a team spirit. Supervisors know they can rely on you.

You display some mechanical ability. You certainly do not have to be a trained mechanic to be able to inspect your machine and perform simple maintenance tasks, but you do want to have a capability for understanding the working parts of your vehicle so that troubleshooting is not a problem.

You are organized and practical. A natural desire to put things in their proper places will make your job easier. Skilled drivers become familiar with the policies and procedures of their companies, and are knowledgeable regarding repetitive actions that are always done the same way.

You must be continually alert and careful. The concern for safety is the main factor in the legal mandate for licensing and instruction. Your forklift certification education updates and reinforces your awareness of accident preventives. An online video course is a time saving and cost effective way to keep you compliant and your maneuvering ability current. Renewal is necessary every three years.

Responsibility is a vital characteristic of an industrial truck driver. You play a major role in inventory control or materials handling, serving in the capacity of several individual workers without such machinery. You supply the power behind the scenes.

If you are getting started in this new competence, or refreshing an expiring accreditation, register on our secure site and have your documentation in less than two hours. Prices begin at just $38.

Have you ever heard of forklift certification?

Although you have surely observed industrial trucks at work, have you ever thought about driving one? Are you aware that federal law requires forklift certification to promote safety? While it is important to know this, the regulations can be easily met with a short online course.

The instructional video meets all OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates, and can be completed in a little more than an hour. You can even access it by Smart phone, enabling you to take the class any time of day or night. The slide show will demonstrate ways to avoid malfunctions and accidents from falling objects, collisions, or overturns. You will be prepared before a risky situation presents itself, and you’ll know how to circumvent a mishap.

The site is secure, keeping your information safe, and the cost is minimal: just $38. That’s about the same price you’d spend for an evening out with a date, but it could help to secure your future with a great practical skill.

When you finish watching the educational movie, there will be practice questions and a qualifying exam. The test, however, is short and simple with only twelve multiple choice items. A 70% score is all you need to earn you your forklift certification, and you can print the proof of fulfillment on the spot. Your boss can give you a driving evaluation at your job after you have had the opportunity to practice with the machinery.

Your documentation is valid for three years everywhere in the United States. It is also accepted in Mexico and Canada.

If you have never heard of licensing to operate a lift, then you may be amazed at the simplicity of the eligibility process. Shipyards, warehouses, and both private and government construction sites employ these vehicles, making their applications numerous and indispensible.

Forklift Certification: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

There are lots of reasons why you need forklift certification if you are planning to drive a lift. Here are the top 10:

  1. It is required by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) if you want to become an operator.
  2. The comprehensive instructions for maneuvering the vehicle will help to keep you and bystanders safe from accidents and injuries. The video will demonstrate methods to avoid overturns and falling objects: common causes of mishaps.
  3. It is a great practical skill to enhance your list of competences on your résumé.
  4. Industrial trucks are used in so many industries and locations that this increases your likelihood of developing the ability. Just recall all the warehouses, shipping docks, and construction sites where you have seen these machines working.
  5. Forklift certification is easy to obtain. The qualifying test is short and simple, and the preparation is excellent. If necessary, you can even retake it for a higher score at no extra fee.
  6. It is not expensive at only $38 for the online course. Your satisfaction is also guaranteed.
  7. It is not time-consuming. In just over an hour, you can watch the entire educational slide show, pass your quiz, and print your documentation.
  8. It is so convenient to be able to take the class whenever and wherever you choose, with your desktop, laptop, or Smart phone. You will not need to sacrifice salaried hours to do this.
  9. Your accreditation is usable just about everywhere: throughout the United States, in Mexico, and in Canada.
  10. The license does not have to be renewed for three years from the time you get it unless an accident necessitates a refresher course.

With all these amazing incentives, you will surely want to make this a goal to achieve.



5 states that need forklift operators

While businesses all over the United States utilize forklift operators, here is a small sampling of some of the places currently seeking those who are licensed for this ability:

  1. A Wisconsin warehouse is requesting applications for someone to drive a lift.
  2. A Pennsylvania flooring manufacturer has an opening for an employee to use heavy machinery.
  3. Louisiana has a sugar refinery looking for industrial truck personnel.
  4. Texas has a listing for city street maintenance that requires moving pavement and concrete products.
  5. Virginia needs a worker to relocate forest materials.

There is extensive variety in the number of jobs that involve forklift certification. How does one qualify for these types of positions? The federal government, for safety reasons, requires that you be licensed. It is not difficult to get the proper credentials.

If you take an online accreditation course, you can be qualified in only about two hours. Simply log on to the secure site, pay $38, and view the video presentation detailing the security information you need to know. You will learn the parts of the machine and the steps for inspection and maintenance. Troubleshooting information will be given, and most importantly, you’ll have an understanding of how to prevent common accidents and overturns.

A passing score on the short test will earn you your documentation. You can even print it on the spot, with another copy available to you by mail. The verification will be acceptable in all of the states above, as well as the remainder of the country. You can even work in Mexico or Canada with the same paperwork. There will be no need to comply again before three years.

With all the diverse possibilities, you can see that this will be a very handy addition to your marketable skills.

Answers to 4 Common Questions About Online Forklift Certification

If you’re interested in online forklift certification, it’s normal to have questions about how this process actually works. We’ve answered four of the most common inquiries here to better help you navigate these unfamiliar waters.

1. Can I get certified without any experience driving a forklift?

Although it may come as a bit of a surprise, the answer is yes. The reason is because the purpose of this process is to take care of all your OSHA requirements. Of course, you’ll still need to pass your driving test in order for the process to be complete, but you can definitely qualify to so now.

2. Is there actually any value to getting certified? 

Taking the time to get the proper credentials is valuable for three key reasons. First, because these safety-training requirements are needed to operate the vehicle, getting your forklift certification online means you’ll be ready to start working sooner than someone who doesn’t have it. Second, doing this on your own shows potential employers that you’re the type of go-getter they want to hire. Finally, because you can get fully certified for less than $50, this tiny investment can pay off big in the form of a new career.

3. How long will the process take?

While that answer depends on the exact course that you choose, you shouldn’t have any trouble taking care of everything in just a few hours. That’s right – a few hours.

4. Where will I able to do the actual training?

Since this is an online program, it is supported by all major computer operating systems. Additionally, this program makes it possible for you to complete the entire certification process directly from your smartphone. There’s no commute time to class, no standing in line to make sure your registration is complete, and no one standing over your shoulder making sure you’re getting things right. Instead, you can spend the afternoon getting your credentials in your living room and sipping lemonade.

Combined with the freedom to work at your own pace, the flexibility of this process makes it a no-brainer for everyone who wants to take their career to the next level. Go to to see how much you know already. You might just surprise yourself.