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Georgia on My Mind: How to Find a Forklift Job in Atlanta, GA

Georgia peachThanks to online programs such as ours, obtaining forklift certification in Atlanta is the easy part. With license in hand, it’s time to go out and start applying for that dream job, and here are a few places that can help you do that:

Consult the Monster is one of the better known job search engines out there. They have garnered plenty of attention, and plenty of action as well, which means that you have plenty of job options to help you find the one job that will be the perfect fit.

Get a Job, indeed

If you’re looking for the most utilized job site, then turn to They are ranked #1 in the world, which is no small task. Being #1 has plenty of perks, such as the most traffic of any job search site, and the more users there are, the more jobs you will have to choose from.

Get SimplyHired

Available since 2005, boasts an average of over 30 million unique visitors in any given month. They also provide many tools for employers to help get the word out about their job openings, which means that you can easily find the job that you’re looking for.

Make a craigslist, Check It Twice

Taking your forklift certification in Atlanta to is a growing trend. Employers can list their job openings for free, which is an attractive option, and with postings being added every day, it won’t be long before you find the job that you want to go for.

Whether you’re an old pro looking for a new job or someone looking to make a career change, having a current license when you apply will make your resume stand out. Here at US Forklift Certification we have the easiest, least expensive, and most convenient way to earn your certificate, which means that you can get down to the business of securing your dream job in a jiff.

Dallas Forklift Operator: The Sports Fan’s Dream

If you have your forklift certification in Dallas, and you are a sports fan, then it may be time to merge your career with your hobby for a job that is the epitome of excitement and fulfillment.

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Oh My!Sports equipment

Keeping the team’s warehouse stocked and organized, as well as transporting merchandise to the appropriate locations is a big job, but somebody has got to do it. These types of jobs tend to be fast paced in order to keep up with the demands of the season, as well as being seasonal. This means you will likely have to find an alternative job for the off season, but with sports being available year round, you are sure to find something whenever you need it.

Most of the time, the companies hiring for these jobs are looking for someone with experience. There is little time to train individuals, and they want to maximize your employment time since you will only be on board for a limited amount of time. Job requirements are typical to general forklift jobs, and include having good organizational skills and appropriate safety training.

Another very common requirement is the ability to work together as a team. You are working to keep a sports team running, but the behind the scenes team is just as important. It truly is a team industry, which should appeal to any sport fanatic out there.

So, whether you are a Cowboys fan, a Rangers fan, a Mavericks fan, or just a sports fan in general, seeking out forklift jobs at the arenas and warehouses connected with these teams is likely your dream job.

Of course, the most critical element of your job is having proper forklift certification in Dallas. If you haven’t already earned yours, then you should sign up for our online course here at US Forklift Certification. We’re OSHA approved, inexpensive, and the easiest way to earn your license so that you can get out there and start finding the job of your dreams.

Can I Get a Discount on Group Forklift Certifications in NYC?

If you’re an employer, then you know how expensive it can get to keep your employees forklift certification in New York City current. Of course, failing to keep compliant can cost a lot more, so you keep up with it, but if you’re looking for a better option, then you’ve found it. While we charge a mere $48 per person on a regular basis, you can get a discount for purchasing the course for multiple employees at a time.

How Many Employees Do You Have?

group discounts for forklift certificationThe more employees you can sign up for the course, the better the discount. 2 are better than 1, and with only 2 employees you can slash the per-course cost to $36. That’s a discount of $12. If you have three employees, then it is akin to a buy 2, get 1 free deal. This discount is good for a bulk purchase of 2 to 9 courses.

If you have more than 10 employees that you need to get certified, then the price goes down even further. For just $28 per course, a drastic $20 cut, you can have 10 or more employees trained and certified in as little as 2 hours. With just 10 employees, that’s $200 worth of savings, and the more employees you have, the more the savings keep piling up.

Maximize Your Time

A traditional school costs more, but it also takes up more of your valuable time, and time is money. With us, everything you need is right here, right when you need it, which is better on your bottom line.

Forklift certification in New York City is no joke, and OSHA can pop up at any time to do an inspection. Make sure you keep your employees in compliance, and keep their licenses current with our convenient online course and discount program. So, bookmark us at, and come back time and again to keep your employees compliant at a price that can reduce your expenses.

Beat the Heat: How Houston Forklift Operators Stay Cool

Texas flagForklift certification in Houston has its perks, but there are some downsides too, like having to deal with extreme weather conditions. With the onset of the warm season, here are a few tips to keep you cool and safe when you’re working in the heat outdoors.

Take a Moment to Cool Off

You should be taking regular breaks to hydrate and cool off. Get out of the sunlight and sit in some air conditioning for a minute, if you can. A quick fix is to run your wrists under cold water for about a minute. This will help cool the blood in your ulnar artery, which will then circulate through the rest of your body to help you cool down.

Think Light

Light colors reflect light rather than absorbing it, cutting down on the amount of heat reaching your body. Wearing natural fabrics, like cotton, will also help ensure that your shirt is breathable, which allows air to circulate and evaporate your sweat, a process that helps your body release heat.

Spice It Up

Your natural inclination is to grab something cold to eat or drink when you’re hot, but this actually causes your body to warm up to digest these cold foods. Instead, you should drink your water warm, and add spicy foods to your lunch and snacks. The heat will drive your body heat down, and the spicy food will make you sweat more, which again, is your body’s most effective way to get rid of heat fast.

Plan Ahead

Making towelsicles the night before is an excellent way to prepare for a hot day. Wet and wring several hand towels, then roll them up and put them in the freezer. The next morning, throw the towels in a plastic bag and throw it in your cooler to keep the towels cool throughout the day. Whenever you’re feeling hot, you can grab one out and throw it on your face or neck to help you cool off.

Imagine Yourself Playing in the Snow

As your forklift certification in Houston taught you, you should remain focused while you’re operating in order to reduce accidents, but when you have a moment, allowing your mind to wander to a frozen environment can help you cool off. Research has shown that by imagining yourself in a cold environment, your body temperature will actually decrease in response.

Keeping your job is as simple as being a good driver and making sure your license is current, which is why we here at US Forklift Certification created our online training course. We minimize your training time and make the process simple and convenient so that you can get back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

3 Miami Tourist Hubs That Employ Forklift Operators

palm trees in FloridaYour forklift certification in Miami is just the ticket for getting a job at one of the local tourist hubs in the area. Options are plentiful, but here are three of the main types of areas where you will find openings:

1. Airports

Much of the tourists come in and out through the airports, making the availability of operator jobs here quite plentiful. From moving luggage to stocking the stores, there is plenty for an operator to do, just be sure to drive carefully, as there is sure to be plenty of traffic.

2. Ports

Being an ocean side town has its perks, and one of those perks is the availability of port jobs. Whether you love being close to the ocean and smelling that salty air, or you just love to work with the large crates used for overseas transportation, this job has plenty of thrills.

3. Merchandise Warehouses

With all of the malls and stores in the area, there are sure to be a variety of warehouses to choose from. You could be transporting anything from clothes and shoes to house wares and novelty items. Most of it will probably be targeted at the tourists in the area, who love to go home with items that tell the world that they have been to the beach. Just be cautious not to damage the goods, or you could be out of a job real quick.

Your forklift certification in Miami is a wonderful thing, but if you don’t have your license, then you can’t get the job. That’s why you should keep your license current with our US Forklift Certification online course. It’s quick, taking as little as two hours to complete, it’s convenient, available any time and anywhere, and it’s inexpensive, costing as little as $38. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

OSHA – Don’t Tempt the Fates

tempting fate: don't get burnedIf you are looking to renew your forklift certification in San Francisco, then you may be wondering if it’s really worth the time or effort. You already know how to drive, and chances are you have years of experience under your belt that says you’re good at it. The problem is, you’re taking a gamble by not obtaining your license, and here’s why:

Back in May of 2012, GM Logistics came under scrutiny following the death of an operator. The truck they were operating started to tip, and the operator attempted to jump out of the way, but he was crushed instead. OSHA found that this was a very preventable death, and they issued a series of proposed citations totaling over $19,000. Of course, no amount of punishment can replace the life that was lost that day due to the blatant disregard for the rules that OSHA has instated.

Fast forward to February of 2013, when Global Experience Specialists are cited for a truck related death at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. This employer not only should have known about the safety violations, but on one count, it can be proven that they did know and allowed it to continue. They have quite a history of violations, and OSHA proposed a hefty $91,000 in fines.

Even as recently as December of 2013, The Gilman Brothers Co. also committed serious safety violations. The total proposed fines are more than $105,000, but over $14,000 can be attributed to truck safety violations, including striking and injuring a pedestrian. Had the rules been followed, these injuries could have been prevented.

These types of violations occur all of the time, which is why OSHA regularly performs inspections. They will fine any employers found in violation. Don’t gamble with your job or your life. Get your forklift certification in San Francisco here at US Forklift Certification. It’s fast, easy, and it’s the perfect reminder to stay safe while you’re operating.

5 Things Only Seattle Forklift Operators Will Understand

operating a forklift on a rainy day in SeattleHaving your forklift certification in Seattle is great. You have so many opportunities to use your credentials to snag great jobs, but there are some challenges as well. Here are 5 things that only someone from the great state of Washington could possibly understand:

1. You Don’t Carry an Umbrella

That’s right, you live in one of the rainiest areas of the country, but you don’t carry an umbrella. In fact, you think umbrellas are for wimps, and you can almost always tell who is from out of town by their use of those flimsy lightning rods. Not you. You’re a real local, and you wear a rain poncho while driving outside, if you bother to protect yourself from the rain at all.

2. Your Days Are Either Really Long or Really Short

During the summer, you can get up early and stay up late, and you’ll be able to enjoy the daylight the entire time. During the winter, daylight only lasts about as long as the workday, meaning you’re going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark as well.

3. You Use the Term “Sun Break.”

In this state, the sun is such an infrequent visitor that you have a special term for when it shows up. Sun breaks are infrequent, but certainly welcome. The only problem is they force you to go out and buy another pair of sunglasses because you can’t find the ones you bought during the last sun break.

4. You Can Accurately Pronounce “Sequim,” “Puyallup,” and “Issaquah.”

Your forklift certification in Seattle can take you anywhere, and it’s good to know how to pronounce the neighboring cities. Since those cities generally have Native American names, your ability to pronounce them shows just how local you are (or aren’t).

5. You’re an Avid Coffee Drinker

When you’re in the city, there’s a Starbuck’s on every corner, and Seattle’s Best and Tully’s are nearby. With so many coffee shops around, it’s no wonder that you’re an expert on all things coffee, and you’re in good company if you know the baristas at your favorite spots by name. Of course, you’ll need that coffee for those winter months when it feels like you’re clocking in at the break of dawn.

So, grab a cup of your favorite brew and use that hotspot to go to to earn or renew your certificate. We make it convenient, but you, and your choice of location can make it enjoyable.

Is My Michigan Forklift Certification Good in Other States?

forklift certification in MichiganIf you obtained your forklift certification in Detroit, then you may be under the assumption that you will have to stay put. When you move, you have to get a new driver’s license, so won’t you need to get a new operator’s license as well? The good news is that you don’t. Operating licenses are good for the full three years anywhere you want to take them, as long as you stay in:

The United States: You aren’t limited to just the lower forty-eight. You can go to Alaska and Hawaii as well. Imagine spending your evenings at luaus and sipping drinks from coconuts. Maybe you would rather have a chance to see the northern lights or go camping, hiking, or ice fishing in the winter. The states are the limit, or maybe not…

Canada: Our neighbor to the north also has plenty of job opportunities and with the majority of the country speaking English you should fit right in. You might even pick up a little (Canadian style) French, which you can use to impress the women back home. Of course, if the cold weather isn’t for you, then maybe you should go south of the border instead.

Mexico: That’s right, your forklift certification in Detroit can also take you to Mexico. We know that many immigrants want to come north, but maybe you should consider Mexico as more than just a nice vacation destination. The cost of living tends to be much lower than anywhere in the U.S., and you will be immersed in a very lively and vibrant culture that could really improve your Spanglish skills.

Of course, it all starts with the little piece of paper that tells employers that you know how to handle your vehicle. We offer an online training course that is easy, inexpensive, and totally OSHA approved, so you can get the job of your dreams in the city you really want to live in.

5 Ways to Stay Cool While Working the Forklift Outside in Phoenix

The hot Phoenix sunIt’s great to have your forklift certification in Phoenix, but these jobs can also come with their challenges, especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Here are 5 ways to keep cool in the summer heat:

1.      Take Frequent Breaks: When working in extreme heat, it is mandatory that you take breaks in order to cool down. Find some shade, air conditioning, or cold running water. Running cold water over your wrists for about a minute every 2 to 3 hours will help cool down your ulnar artery, which will deliver the cooled blood to the rest of your system.

2.      Take a Swig of Your Favorite Hot Sauce: Although counter intuitive, eating spicy food will help you cool off. Grabbing an ice cream cone or iced water will cause your body to try to compensate for the incoming cold food by warming up. Eating spicy food will make your body try to cool down, namely by producing sweat, which will help lower your core body temperature.

3.      Go Light: Dark colors absorb heat, which will only make you feel warmer. Light colors, on the other hand, reflect light and heat, keeping you a little cooler while you work. In addition, cotton clothes are more breathable than synthetics, which allows air to pass through to dry your sweat and help keep you cool.

4.      Make Towelsicles: You should take care to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, but you should also carry a cooler of face towels, or what we like to call towelsicles. Simply wet it down the night before and wring out the water. Then roll it up and put it in the freezer. Do several towels, and the next day put them in a plastic bag and then in a cooler. They’ll help keep your lunch cold, and you can pull one out and use it whenever you’re feeling too hot.

5.      Day Dream: While you learn to keep your mind on your work during forklift certification in Phoenix, it doesn’t hurt to daydream during breaks. Picture yourself in a winter wonderland, which your body will react to by lowering its temperature. It’s amazing what you can do when you use your imagination.

If it’s time to renew your certificate or you are just looking for a career change, then you should consider the benefits of our online course. It’s quick, simple, inexpensive, and you won’t even break a sweat doing it.

How Can I Find a Forklift Job in Boston?

How to find a forklift job in BostonSo, you’ve gotten your forklift certification in Boston, but where do you go next? You go to the job boards, of course. Online resources are making it easier to find jobs that are perfectly suited for you, and here are some great ones to help you snag that dream job:

  • Monster: has taken great strides to pair up employers with qualified employees for quite a while now. With their extensive advertising, they have gotten a lot of attention from both sides, which means there are plenty of jobs here for you to choose from.
  • SimplyHired: has been around since 2005, and it averages more than 30 million unique visitors every month. With this kind of traffic, and special features that help maximize employer advertising, you are certain to have plenty of jobs available for the position and area you want to work in.
  • indeed: Being the #1 job site worldwide is quite the reputation. When you go with, you are in good company, and millions of users can’t be wrong.
  • craigslist: Many employers are turning to this free resource to advertise their job openings. With new entries coming in daily, you are almost sure to run across at least one that will lead you to the perfect job.

But Wait!

If you haven’t gotten your forklift certification in Boston yet, then now is the time. We here at US Forklift Certification have an online program that can help you get certified in as little as two hours. Even better, our course is inexpensive, convenient, and comes with an abundance of fail safes that will help you earn the license you need to become an operator. Just check out our site at to learn more about this amazing opportunity, and get started on a career path that’s both exciting and fulfilling.