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Daily Forklift Maintenance

There are many businesses that require a forklift for daily operations. If your business requires moving heavy materials, then most likely you will be using one of these vehicles. Various types of FLs are available for different situations, such as diesel, gas or electric. It doesn’t matter what type of machine you are using, or whether it’s new or used; all require daily maintenance.

Each driver should be qualified for daily maintenance. The first thing a driver should do is walk around the truck to inspect for potential problems. Depending on the type of device you own, below are some checks that should be performed:

  • Battery fluids and hydraulic oil.
  • Hoses for damage and leaks.
  • Tires for damage and inflation pressure, as well as lug nuts for tightness.
  • Battery and cables for damage.
  • Fuel.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Engine coolant.
  • Drive belts.
  • Ensure Lights are in working order.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Back up alarm/horn are properly working.
  • Steering, clutch and brakes.
  • Fork condition.
  • Ensure all warning decals and plates are legible and in place. Be sure the nameplate matches the model and serial numbers.
  • Operations manual is on the forklift.

Personal protective equipment should always be used when performing maintenance. While driving the forklift you need to be aware of the potential hazards; mechanical breakdown, fire, overheating and leakage.

A forklift that is defective, or unsafe, should be taken out of service immediately. All problems need to be recorded on the appropriate documents and reported to the supervisor. Never operate a machine that requires maintenance or is unsafe. All repairs should be made by authorized personnel, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself unless you are trained and have authorization. Preventative maintenance should be performed according to the manufacturer.

Ensuring forklift operators learn these measures will result in fewer injuries, unnecessary costs and will prolong the life of the vehicle.

Forklift Safety

Most forklift accidents are easy to prevent but it means that a business must provide training and monitoring. 

Follow these safety tips to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries :

  • Inspect the vehicle daily to ensure all parts are functioning properly.
  • Monitor the direction in which you are heading. When turning, stop and look before moving.
  • When working in a congested area take extra precautions.
  • Never turn while on a ramp and keep an eye out for overhead clearance.
  • Keep the vehicle at the speed limit and sound your horn when you are approaching people.
  • Do not raise or lower the load while the truck is moving.
  • Do not allow people to ride on the forks. Only allow a passenger when there is a seat available.
  • Do not overload the fork and make sure the load is properly balanced.
  • When the FL is not in use, make sure the brakes are set, the forks completely lowered and the truck switched off.
Following these precautions will help to keep your environment safe, and keep you from having to renew your certification prematurely.


Forklift License

If you’re looking to enter the forklift field, you’ll need to secure your license in order to meet the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1) Enroll in a Training Program

You can find both online and offline courses for this. Online programs, like the one offered at, are a great way to go because you can set your own pace, and you don’t have to be rushed or slowed down by what your classmates are or are not doing.

As you look for the program that best fits your needs, just be sure to find one that meets all of OSHA’s requirements.

2) Take the Written Test

Once you’ve studied the materials, you’ll need to pass a test verifying that you understand all the safety regulations. You are required to have a passing grade of at least 70% in order to qualify for your license. Luckily, we allow you to take the test as many times as necessary in order to get that golden grade.

3) Pass the Driving Test

Once you’ve finished the online portion of the course, you’ll still need to confirm you know your way around the equipment. This part of the certification process is usually conducted at work by another qualified driver.

And that’s it! As you can see, it’s pretty cut and dry. If you opt to let us be your course provider, we will provide you instant access to your study materials after receiving your payment of $38. If you’re like many of our other participants, you could very easily complete the entire thing in the next couple of hours. Good luck, and happy driving.

Forklift Certification Training

Training and forklift operator certification must come first in your mind if you are interested in pursuing this rewarding career. Also known as industrial trucks, these vehicles come in several different types. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the body that oversees and regulates the operators. The employer is required to make sure all drivers are certified and that there is an experienced operator to do final evaluations on all drivers to ensure they are properly trained for the specific equipment that will be used.

The training program is pretty much left up to the employer, since OSHA does not directly endorse any particular program. That means that you may see some variations between tests as you switch employers, or renew your credentials (you have to do that every 36 months)

Always keep in mind that just completing training and certification does not always mean that you will get a job. Experience is something employers will want as well as an excellent safety record. However, many employers realize that if you are determined enough to get training and certification on your own, you are a good job candidate. In addition, it costs businesses money to train you, so taking the initiative to save them the investment is a good way to score some brownie points.

If you have hopes of getting into this industry, then there is no time like the present to enroll in our online forklift certification course.