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Utah Forklift Certification

According to Forbes magazine, Utah is one of the best states to find employment. If you are thinking of beginning a fulfilling career as a forklift driver then it would be to your advantage to obtain your certification. lists the average pay for operators as around $25,000 per year. Since this is the average, you could potentially secure a much higher paying job than this.

Before you can qualify for a job in this field, you will need to get your certification, as mandated by OSHA. This is a simple course that you can take right here on our website for just $38. Many of the participants in our course have told us that they were able to get through the entire course – studying, testing and all – in as little as one hour.

Once you have the necessary credentials, you will be ready for employment (as long as you meet the age requirement of 18 years or older). Then, you’ll just have to come back and visit us every three years to get your renewal. This is true, even if you happen to move out of state. Your forklift certification will be good throughout the entire US, Canada, and Mexico.