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Online Forklift Certification Benefits Both Employees and Companies

Whether you’re an individual looking for a new career to enter or a company that requires forklift operators to keep your business running, you may have recently discovered the availability of online forklift certification. If you’re wondering whether or not this option is the right fit for your needs, let’s look at the reasons why the answer to that question is most likely yes:

Individuals Can Get a Jumpstart and Show Their Initiative

Choosing to change your career is a big decision. However, as long as you choose wisely, it can be the absolute best thing that you do for yourself. If you decide you want to start a new career as a forklift operator, you may be concerned that you’re going to have a hard time finding your first job.

While there will definitely be competition, completing your forklift certification online is a great way to give yourself a leg up. When potential employers see that you’ve already completed this program, they will be quite impressed with you taking care of this significant requirement on your own.

Companies Can Stay Compliant Without Distracting Employees

It’s no secret that it’s technically possible to let employees drive forklifts without first having them complete the safety certification process. But any company that does this is opening themselves up to a wide range of liabilities, including being fined or even totally shut down by OSHA until all compliance requirements are completed.

Since businesses need to run but don’t want to distract employees from their primary responsibilities, taking advantage of the ability for employees to easily get certified online is the perfect solution. Because they will be able to complete the process in a matter of hours, this is a quick and easy way to ensure everyone on your team is fully compliant for the next three years. You can view our FAQs at in order to take the next step in getting the proper credentials you need.

Forklift Certification: Why You Need It

If you work on an industrial or construction job, chances are you have heard that you need to be certified in order to operate a forklift. This may seem like a silly requirement, but it is in place for a good reason.

According to OSHA, or the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there were a reported 4,609 workers that lost their lives on the job in 2011. This averages out to about 13 deaths per day. While these accidents are due to a variety of reasons, OSHA is doing as much as they can to try to bring these numbers down, which is why they require forklift certification.

To encourage employers to adhere to the certification rule, there are laws in place. If an employer is found using uncertified employees to run a forklift, they will receive heavy fines. Most employers want to avoid these fines, which means you may miss out on a job if you do not have the credentials you need.

These vehicles are a heavy piece of machinery, and their improper use can easily result in injuries to yourself, others, or property. In your training material, you will learn how to safely operate a forklift, including all OSHA requirements for safety. You will also receive a daily inspection checklist, so you can be sure the vehicle you are using is fit for operation.

Your forklift certification will last for 3 years. For those who are looking to renew their license, the online program is particularly convenient because it is just a matter of reading, testing, and having your employer conduct a field test to verify you are still qualified.

So if you want to become more valuable to your employer, or you are just looking to keep your credentials current, you should check out our online program at It is simple, convenient, and you can be done and certified in a very short period of time.

Answers to 4 Common Questions About Online Forklift Certification

If you’re interested in online forklift certification, it’s normal to have questions about how this process actually works. We’ve answered four of the most common inquiries here to better help you navigate these unfamiliar waters.

1. Can I get certified without any experience driving a forklift?

Although it may come as a bit of a surprise, the answer is yes. The reason is because the purpose of this process is to take care of all your OSHA requirements. Of course, you’ll still need to pass your driving test in order for the process to be complete, but you can definitely qualify to so now.

2. Is there actually any value to getting certified? 

Taking the time to get the proper credentials is valuable for three key reasons. First, because these safety-training requirements are needed to operate the vehicle, getting your forklift certification online means you’ll be ready to start working sooner than someone who doesn’t have it. Second, doing this on your own shows potential employers that you’re the type of go-getter they want to hire. Finally, because you can get fully certified for less than $50, this tiny investment can pay off big in the form of a new career.

3. How long will the process take?

While that answer depends on the exact course that you choose, you shouldn’t have any trouble taking care of everything in just a few hours. That’s right – a few hours.

4. Where will I able to do the actual training?

Since this is an online program, it is supported by all major computer operating systems. Additionally, this program makes it possible for you to complete the entire certification process directly from your smartphone. There’s no commute time to class, no standing in line to make sure your registration is complete, and no one standing over your shoulder making sure you’re getting things right. Instead, you can spend the afternoon getting your credentials in your living room and sipping lemonade.

Combined with the freedom to work at your own pace, the flexibility of this process makes it a no-brainer for everyone who wants to take their career to the next level. Go to to see how much you know already. You might just surprise yourself.