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Forklift Certification: Online vs. Offline

Forklift Certification: Online vs. Offline When it comes to forklift certification, you may have heard that there are online and offline courses. The question then becomes: which one is right for you? There are pros and cons to each side, so we will examine them so you can determine which one will work best for you.


These courses are usually offered through your local trade school and will be held on campus. Your teacher will walk the class through the course curriculum, which will cover OSHA requirements and safety procedures. You will likely then have time for questions and discussion. Once you have gone over your curriculum, you will have to take a written exam.

After that, you will proceed to get some hands-on experience with the forklift. The instructor will go over the controls and proper use with the class. Before you leave, everyone gets a chance to drive the vehicle for additional testing. You will have to successfully navigate through a small obstacle course and safely use the lift to transport objects.

If you complete the course successfully, you will then get your certification, which will be mailed to you in a couple of weeks. The class generally takes about 6 hours to complete and costs around $150.


Online classes are a very simple process. You buy the course, review the curriculum as you have the time, and take the written test when you are finished. Once you have passed the written test, you can immediately print out your certificate verifying that you have passed. Then, your employer will administer the driving test.

Our current course-costs start as low as $38 and it takes just a few hours to complete. You cover all the same material as a traditional class, you meet all of OSHA’s guidelines, and your license is good for three years. If you do not pass the first time, you can continue to take the exam until you do without further expense.



Clearly, the price and convenience of the online course makes this the obvious winner.

Forklift Certification: How to Prepare for Your Driving Test

When you do online forklift certification, you can only complete one half of your certification online. You will have to do the driving test with your employer once you have successfully passed the written test. So how do you prepare for the driving test to make sure you ace it the first time?


It never hurts to review the safety protocols you should follow when driving a forklift. All safety procedures should be covered during your study time before the written test. You should pay particular attention to any procedures that you may have slacked off on or don’t use on a regular basis. Once you have the theoretical knowledge down pat, you will be better able to put it to use.


Sure, you may drive a FL all the time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice. It is especially important to practice those procedures that you decided needed work during your study time. Running through things before you test with your employer can save you from having to take the driving test again. You will likely have to go through a small obstacle as part of the procedure, so you may want to practice some maneuvering. You can ask your employer what course you will be taking so you can run through it beforehand.


One of the most common types of accidents is tipping the vehicle. This is a very dangerous thing, so you should be careful not to get out of balance. You should practice loading the lift and raising it so you can be sure that the lifting portion of the test doesn’t trip you up.

Proper procedure could save your life or the life of a fellow coworker, so it is important to take it seriously. Get started right now with the review and written test at our site so that you can start earning your certificate.

Forklift Certification: How A practice Quiz Can Help You

Every three years you must renew your forklift certification, which means you have to take the written and driving test again. While you may feel that you know all there is to know about the safe operation the vehicle, you may be surprised by what you have forgotten. Taking a practice quiz may be able to help, and here are just a few ways how:

Pinpoint Your Weaknesses

Even if you have been driving a FL for years, it can be easy to ignore or forget safety procedures. Your certification expires every three years in order to help refresh your memory, which may help prevent you from getting into an accident. Taking a practice test can help you figure out what part of the curriculum you need to go over more thoroughly in order to pass.

Boost Your Confidence

If you are nervous about taking tests, or you are looking to become a forklift operator, then taking a practice test can help boost your confidence. You will be able to go into your class knowing that you have a better chance of passing and becoming certified.

Help Eliminate Surprises

Getting familiar with the types of questions that will be on your test means that they won’t surprise you. Taking the element of surprise out of the equation will help you focus on what’s coming rather than fret about what might be.

Increase Your Chance of Passing

They say practice makes perfect, and a practice test can help you get a better score. Since you need to test well in order to earn your forklift certification, practicing will give you a better chance at passing, which means you have a better chance of achieving your goal of becoming an operator.

If you want to take a practice quiz, then you should check out our online quiz at will email you your results so you can see how you did. If you do well, you may want to consider completing our OSHA approved online course.

Forklift Certification: After You Pass

You have gotten your forklift certification, but now what can you do with it? It depends on your career goals. You may be able to find a job and get going, or you may need to seek further training.

There are a number of different industries that utilize these vehicles, but there are three that lead the pack:

• The agricultural industry,

• Industrial jobs, and

• Shipyards.

No matter where you live, chances are that there are jobs in at least one of these industries near you. It never hurts to find out what types of trucks are used in a specific business, as this can affect what you may need to know or do in order to get a job there.

Your basic forklift certification course gives you a general overview of the different types of FLs available and how to use them safely. Your credentials show that you understand the principles of safe operation, but you may need some additional hands-on training with a specific type of device to ensure that you can use it properly. Most accidents occur because someone did something that wasn’t safe, whether knowingly or not, and while an accident could be minor, it also has the potential of being lethal.

There are several types of these machines, from gas powered to electric. They can be used on a variety of terrains, from smooth concrete to rough landscape. There are even different attachments that can be used. A basic understanding is good for a basic version, but if your boss asks you to drive a forklift you are unfamiliar with, you would be wise to inform him that you will need additional training.

Getting your basic certification is simple and easy with our online service. Not sure you have what it takes to earn your certification? We offer a practice test that you can take for free at