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Get certified easily

Becoming a qualified forklift operator can be done easily. We can get it done for you quickly for only $38. You will need to know how to operate a lift as well as all of the safety components involved. Find out how others are doing this as well.

Safety Aspects of Forklift Certification

There are safety risks involved in the maneuvering of hydraulic powered trucks, prompting the federal requirement for forklift certification. Online licensing instruction not only satisfies the obligation of the law; it equips drivers of heavy machinery with excellent preventive education.

A comprehensive hazard avoidance curriculum is available for a modest $38 and slightly over an hour of your time. The downloadable accreditation will qualify you for three years anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

There are around 100,000 reports of incidents regarding industrial equipment each year. Tipping is a leading cause of lift injuries. Pedestrian mishaps and collisions are other statistical factors. The slide show helps you to know your vehicle and enhances your understanding of the physics of secure operation, enabling you to avert overturns. You will have a maintenance checklist which can be printed for daily inspections. The class covers falling load accidents and various workplace conditions that need to be considered when navigating.

A questionnaire is included to allow you to assess whether you recall the details of the presentation, followed by a multiple choice test with twelve questions. After a few minutes, you should have a passing grade, which will earn you the option to get your documentation electronically. You will be armed with suggestions to keep your machine in top working condition, as well as ways to circumvent unfortunate events that could occur.

Forklift certification is so simple to obtain, and reduces the chances that you could be engaged in a casualty. The price for getting your training is negligible, but the cost of non-compliance could be catastrophic. With the convenience of a computerized course that is even accomplished on your Smart phone, why would you wait another day to get your credentials as a knowledgeable and skilled operator?

Where to find forklift games

So you love driving a forklift, right? Why not play the games too? There are bunches to choose from with many different levels and layouts. This can be very appealing to those who love their job and want to have a little added forklift fun when they are not behind the wheel.

How forklift certification can change your life

Are you thinking about becoming licensed to operate heavy machinery? Forklift certification is a simple way to get life-changing results. You have surely watched this equipment moving cartons and crates in shipyards, parking lots, and warehouses with considerable ease. Superstores and other industries rely on these machines to regulate inventory.

If you have been considering a career change in today’s uncertain job market, this could be a great skill to acquire. It is also remarkably easy to obtain your accreditation. Then you can practice driving under supervision at your work site.

Log on to the computer course from anywhere (even your Smart phone will usually access this) at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about missing work or attending any dull lectures. The educational video can be viewed in about an hour. It will instruct you in the standards of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and provide you with the knowledge to avoid hazardous situations.

You will have the tools, including a daily inspection checklist, to properly maintain your truck and keep it in tiptop shape. A pretest will get you ready for the short multiple choice final exam. You can even redo it if your first grade isn’t satisfactory. As soon as you have a passing score, you can elect to print your license. Another card will come to you in the mail after a few days.

The forklift certification will meet federal requirements in all fifty of the United States for three years. It is also recognized in Mexico and Canada. This means you can work just about anywhere without having to re-certify.

How much does it cost to get all these benefits? Amazingly, you can be fully compliant and prepared to operate your vehicle for only $38. What do you have to lose? You will gain an aptitude and possibly unlock new opportunities.

This is why safety is key

If you are wondering about the potential dangers involved with operating a forklift, then look no further. This article describes why it is important to take measures to prevent injury as well as the types of injuries that frequently occur.  This is yet another reason why it is so important to follow OSHA guidelines while operating this type of vehicle. You can find this article as well as other related information by visiting the following link here at:

What will forklift certification mean to you?

Forklift certification is mandatory if you will be operating an industrial truck. It is a government requirement. However, it is simple to obtain your accreditation and it can open new employment opportunities for you. Consider all the locations that use these machines. They are an indispensable aspect of so many businesses since this equipment is vital to shipping and warehousing.

How do you go about getting your qualifications? Would you believe you can do it today? It is as easy as signing up for a $38 online class on a secure website and passing a twelve question test. The subject is presented in an interesting slide show which can be watched in a little over an hour at your convenience.

The instructional video will tell you about the characteristics of your lift and how to inspect the parts before engaging the vehicle. You will get a printable checklist for this purpose. You will know how to drive defensively with special attention to ways of avoiding accidents and injuries. The course is completely aligned with federal standards and your credentials will be honored throughout the entire United States, in addition to Canada and Mexico, for three full years.

You can be confident about the short exam, as there will be practice questions. You can also take it again, if necessary, to get your acceptable score. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can choose to print your documentation as soon as you successfully complete the quiz.

Forklift certification will be a useful proficiency to add to your résumé, and if you are currently employed, your supervisor should be pleased to learn that you have gained a new practical skill.

Since this voucher for your talents can mean so much to your work, what are you waiting for?

5 states that need forklift operators

While businesses all over the United States utilize forklift operators, here is a small sampling of some of the places currently seeking those who are licensed for this ability:

  1. A Wisconsin warehouse is requesting applications for someone to drive a lift.
  2. A Pennsylvania flooring manufacturer has an opening for an employee to use heavy machinery.
  3. Louisiana has a sugar refinery looking for industrial truck personnel.
  4. Texas has a listing for city street maintenance that requires moving pavement and concrete products.
  5. Virginia needs a worker to relocate forest materials.

There is extensive variety in the number of jobs that involve forklift certification. How does one qualify for these types of positions? The federal government, for safety reasons, requires that you be licensed. It is not difficult to get the proper credentials.

If you take an online accreditation course, you can be qualified in only about two hours. Simply log on to the secure site, pay $38, and view the video presentation detailing the security information you need to know. You will learn the parts of the machine and the steps for inspection and maintenance. Troubleshooting information will be given, and most importantly, you’ll have an understanding of how to prevent common accidents and overturns.

A passing score on the short test will earn you your documentation. You can even print it on the spot, with another copy available to you by mail. The verification will be acceptable in all of the states above, as well as the remainder of the country. You can even work in Mexico or Canada with the same paperwork. There will be no need to comply again before three years.

With all the diverse possibilities, you can see that this will be a very handy addition to your marketable skills.

Refer to a checklist so you can stay organized

Here is a great guide for beginners It helps to get yourself organized before you begin work so you never forget how to operate your forklift in an efficient manner.  It can also help to ensure that you do not forget important steps in your daily routine of operating your vehicle.

Taking the test: a crash course on what to expect

Are you putting off getting your forklift certification because you don’t like taking a test? Perhaps the specter of exam memories from school days looms over you. You are in good company since many people become anxious when faced with the challenge of earning good marks. Here is the incredible great news: there is no need to continue to procrastinate. This will be easy to do. You won’t even have a chance to get nervous.

You just need to have a passing grade and the quiz only consists of twelve questions. The items are all multiple choice, so if you can eliminate any of the answers, it will increase the likelihood that you will choose the correct one. That’s not all. There will be a practice quiz before you ever get to the final. Besides, the instructions are clear and detailed so that you will be well prepared.

Just ask anyone who has taken the online course for forklift certification. You are guaranteed to succeed, or you can simply retake it for no extra charge. You will be proud of your achievement, the license will keep you compliant with federal requirements, and you won’t have to renew it for three years. Also, it is valid in three countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. You’ll be glad you put those old ghosts behind you.

The lessons are presented in slide show format and take about an hour to view. You can complete the questionnaire in minutes and with at least a 70% score, you can click the choice to print your credentials immediately. Those qualifications will be valid for three years in Canada and Mexico, as well as anywhere in the United States. Not only will the evaluation be painless, the $38 price will be, too.

OSHA: A quick, yet helpful reference

Operating a forklift requires skill and proper OSHA training along with certification credentials. Be sure to know the state requirements where you live and other pertinent information related to operating a forklift. You can read more by visiting  By knowing the regulations where you reside, you can be better informed in making a career decision and keeping safe on the job. It is a win-win for everyone.