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Forklift certification online or offline

Licensing is a federal safety regulation; mandatory for all who want to operate industrial trucks. There are a couple of ways that you can acquire forklift certification. Some technical schools offer a class that will earn you your credentials. Typically, you will register for scheduled lessons on campus. The fees will need to cover paying a teacher, so they are often comparable to those applicable to a short college course.

The other means of getting certified is done online. Unlike the traditional education, you can sign on at your convenience, pay the small cost of $38, and view a slide presentation that will meet all the legal stipulations. The video will show you how to prevent accidents in various situations. You will learn to avoid tipping and dropping objects. There will be a short test with multiple choice questions. A satisfactory grade will allow you the option to download your accreditation. If you need to redo the exam, you can do so with no additional charge.

Your forklift certification will be accepted in every state in the United States, and in Canada and Mexico, also. Unless you are involved in a mishap requiring a refresher instructional, then you do not need to repeat the process for three years.

While a classroom has always been a great environment for learning, the modern age has transferred much of that ability to the home setting through the use of technology. Computers have made the training less costly and provide much more flexible access. Successful completion is possible for those who are employed and do not wish to take time away from their work to attend a lecture.  It also becomes affordable to those who simply can’t pay university tuition. It reaches many more people than was likely just two decades ago.


Forklift certification is easy: here’s why

If you have been wondering about how you are going to arrange the time to obtain forklift certification, you should know that you can do it whenever and wherever it is convenient for you through quick and comprehensive online instruction. In less than two hours you can view the educational slide show, pass the test, and print your license. Since the course is as close as your computer or Smart phone, you do not have to take time off work to get your accreditation.

Simply sign on to the secure website, electronically send the $38 fee, and complete the curriculum that fulfills the legal obligations of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The video will discuss hazardous possibilities and ways to avoid accidents and injuries. You will learn techniques to control the operations of your industrial truck to increase the safety of yourself and those around you. Your documentation will allow you to practice with the machinery at work and a supervisor can evaluate your handling skills.

The curriculum will include everything you need to know to successfully circumvent mishaps and the information will be followed by a twelve question assessment. Your successful score will give you the option to download your forklift certification, which will be accepted for three years in all fifty states and even in Canada and Mexico. There is no need to be anxious about the brief exam. You will have the chance to retake it, if necessary, until you achieve the desired results. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the service.

It is common for many abilities and occupations to require qualifications such as this, but few are so easily accomplished. With the many businesses that use heavy machinery for inventory control or relocating materials, your credentials can be very beneficial.

Ride into the sunset forklift style

Did you ever wonder if forklift certification might encourage you to hang up your spurs for a hardhat? Driving an industrial truck can be more fun than herding cattle. It doesn’t require a branding iron. It is iron. Actually, it’s steel. You can saddle up after an overnight battery charge and be ready to ride. If you happen to enjoy rodeos, then there are even professional competitions for those who have mastered the heavy machinery.

Getting your credentials to operate is really simple, too. You can take the course online in less than two hours. Just register on the secure website, and for the price of $38, you will receive excellent safety training in the format of a slide presentation. This will be followed by a short quiz consisting of twelve multiple choice questions. As soon as you achieve a passing score on the test, you can click to print your license. You won’t even have to break a sweat. Even if you roam all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico, your forklift certification will be good for all of these places for three years. The curriculum fully satisfies the legal requirements of the federal government, and your overseer can administer a performance evaluation after you practice maneuvering the vehicle at work.

After a day on the range, a spin in the warehouse looks pretty good. There are no outlaws in there, either. So if you think the pastures might be a little greener in new territory, forklift certification is a practical skill that can be used in all kinds of terrains: shipyards, hardware stores, superstores, and building sites. This can really expand your horizons. There’s the added bonus that you likely won’t have to watch out for cow patties in your path anymore.


Forklift certification checklist: what you need to know

If you have found this topic, chances are that you are interested in the facts about obtaining forklift certification. Most importantly, you need to know that it is not a difficult process. You can be compliant with the law today, and ready to operate an industrial truck.

First, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can register for an online course that will meet all federal obligations and train you in valuable safety skills for only $38. The website is secured for your protection.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time. Your computer or Smart phone will give you access where and when you need it. You will not have to lose hours on the clock to get your credentials. There will be no reason to travel to a campus and sit through a lengthy lecture. The instructional video is only about an hour in length, but it covers all the topics that are likely to present operational risks. You will learn how to maneuver your vehicle to avoid the hazards of dropping objects, collisions, or tipping.

You don’t have to sweat over the test. The curriculum is followed by practice questions and a brief qualifying quiz. You are guaranteed to pass the first time, or you can retake the exam free of additional charges. Once you have a successful 70% score, you can choose to download your accreditation for immediate use. There will be documentation arriving in your mail, too.

You will satisfy the necessary legal mandates. As concise as the slide show is, it is thorough and fulfills all the requirements stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for forklift certification.

You can use your license just about anywhere including the entire United States, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, you will not have to repeat the procedure for three years. Now you can easily check this task off your list.

What do forklifts do at night when no one is around?

The tabloids and everybody’s brother want to know the answer to the ages old philosophical question: If an industrial truck moves in the night and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This is a problem for which even your forklift certification has not given you a solution.

You, as well as many other intelligent and sensible drivers, have returned to your vehicle one morning with the sworn opinion that it was in a different spot than where you left it the day before. Sadly, having no one in whom to confide, some of these operators went about their daily routines questioning their own sanity. Surely their beloved equipment was not capable of such an act of betrayal.

You think back to that special day when you logged on to the forklift certification website and watched your first educational safety video. It only cost you $38, and you still have the original printed documentation framed and hanging on your wall. In less than two hours, you had earned your license and were ready to enter the wondrous world of heavy machinery.

As you continue to ponder the burning question, you notice an aged gray machine, an ancestor of current models that has been retired for some time. It is so ancient that you would not be surprised to find a very long wiry beard dangling from the lift. If this one could only talk, imagine the stories it could tell. Wait a minute. There is a pink truck parked unlawfully close to yours. For a moment, your vehicle appeared to be wrapping its lift around the intruder.  Machines can’t put the moves on other machines. You’ll know the truth when you find a pint-sized one parked between them some day.


Forklift certification 101: here’s the scoop

You want to get qualified to drive an industrial truck. You just don’t know what is involved in obtaining forklift certification. Perhaps you have heard that you have to take a class and a test. Relax and savor the good news: this is going to be easy.

There was a time when a technical school curriculum might have been required. There would have been a course registration, a hefty fee, the drive to a campus, and the boring prospect of at least a lecture or two. Today’s computer age has changed all that. Now you can log on whenever you’d like and watch an interesting slide show demonstrating safe methods for operating your vehicle so as to avoid overturns or object drops. Federal law mandates that you understand these measures to protect you and your coworkers from accidents and injury. Following the video, a qualifying questionnaire will determine your eligibility for credentials.

Perhaps you are the type who hoped to leave all testing behind from old school days. If you are inclined to have sweaty palms and general anxiety over the very idea, then you will be elated to know that you will not have to stay up late the night before and cram for this exam. There are only a dozen multiple choice questions and you will receive samples for practice prior to taking the quiz. What’s more, you can even redo it if you don’t pass right away. You can actually kick back and enjoy the lesson.

You can print your license, if you wish, upon successful completion. The whole process takes less than two hours and will only cost you about $38. You will be accredited for three years in all fifty states, in Canada, and in Mexico.

That was so much simpler than you ever imagined. Try not to brag too much about your achievement.



How much will you earn?

Read—A-Great-Employment-Opportunity&id=3720677 if you have ever wondered how much forklift operators are currently earning. The potential earnings are impressive for a newly licensed individual. The demand is out there for drivers to operate this equipment. This article lets you know what you need to do in order to make the money you are seeking to support your family.

5 ways forklift certification can be good for you

Either a career change or an upgrade of your present work skills may be prompting your interest in forklift certification. There are lots of great reasons to get your license. Here are 5:

  1. You can obtain your credentials in such a short time. There is no need to give up any hours of your job schedule. You can complete the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements with an online class that only occupies less than two hours of your time. This can be done whenever it is convenient for you, even on your Smart phone.
  2. It’s easy on your wallet. At just $38, the course is a real bargain. It may be inexpensive, but the information meets all the government mandates and imparts valuable pointers to keep you and your coworkers safe.
  3. It’s good for your résumé. This is a very practical ability, utilized in so many industries. It just might give you an edge over an applicant for whom the company has to arrange training.
  4. Once you have your documentation, you won’t have to worry about forklift certification for another three years. It is valid for that long.
  5. The verification you can download and print immediately is recognized in so many locations. You will be able to present this for employment throughout the United States, in Canada, and in Mexico. You will complete the short eligibility quiz right after viewing the instructional slide presentation, and you are guaranteed satisfaction.

That’s an amazing lot of goodness for such a tiny investment of time and dollars. If you are looking for a way to enhance your possibilities, or if it’s time to update your current qualifications, computer instruction makes the task so quick and easy to accomplish.


Know the OSHA requirements where you reside

It may be an older article, but it is very informative. Visit to see all of the important requirements for operating your forklift. Did you know that some models of lifts are required to carry a fire extinguisher? OSHA requirements can vary state-to-state as well as vehicle-to-vehicle. Know your regulations where you operate so that you may be compliant at all times.

Drive Safely: Tips for you this Winter season

While operating a forklift there are many things to take into consideration. Weather can impact the driver in many ways, but there are some tips to help keep you safe this winter while operating your forklift. Follow these tips and you are sure to stay warm and focused while in the driver’s seat.