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5 things that forklift operators must always do

There are certain steps that forklift operators must take each day to avoid mishaps. These will be repeated so often that they become second nature to the skilled employee. Limiting injuries is the main focus of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) legal obligation for licensing.

  1. Check the space where you will be driving. Look for materials that may be obstructing your navigation zone. An unanticipated object could cause balance problems for your truck. Remove any item that may have fallen into the territory.
  2. Inspect your vehicle. This should be done daily before you begin operation. Make sure your machine is in tiptop shape for optimum performance and safety. All of the working parts should be functioning well. Use your checklist to be assured you don’t omit any controls. If you are interrupted during the inspection, you will also know exactly which features are yet to be checked when you return to your examination of the lift.
  3. Always take note of other individuals who enter your area of work. You want your coworkers to be protected from accidents, too.
  4. Keep your license current. Forklift certification must be renewed every three years, but it is recognized as a lawful accreditation in all the United States, in Canada, and in Mexico. It is easy and fast to obtain new documentation. Just register on the secure website and pay $38 for an online educational course. You can complete the instructional video, the qualifying quiz, and print the credentials in just over an hour.
  5. Remain alert at all times. An environment can change quickly, and the one person or article that could alter the outcome might arrive at any moment. A conscientious operator is constantly aware of his surroundings.

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Forklift Etiquette: what you must know

It is always wise to have good manners when interacting with others, but forklift etiquette can make a real difference in terms of the safety of the driver and others around him. There are several rules the operator needs to observe:

  • Always watch the area and people near you. Avoiding unexpected objects can be important for maintaining the balance of your vehicle, and individuals could enter the space at any time.
  • Give proper signals and warnings as you move. This allows any other drivers or pedestrians to be aware of your intentions.
  • Wear all protective gear such as hardhats, gloves, boots, or any other items necessary to your secure operation.
  • Never fail to conduct a complete inspection of all parts, tires, fuel, and every point on your daily checklist. This will help to ensure that issues are fixed before engaging the truck.
  • Be cognizant of the load limits of your forklift. Don’t overload or neglect to adjust the tines appropriately.
  • Watch speed limits as you navigate. A mishap is far more costly in both time and money.
  • Follow the regulations and safety tips from your online training class. While the internet instruction is convenient and inexpensive, it is a thorough explanation of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards and is provided to lower the chances of accidents. Be sure to renew your credentials every three years so that you will receive updated information as it is given and remain legally compliant.

Remember that your machinery is a form of automobile, and should be respected as you would a car. Many of the same principles that apply to the road also are applicable to industrial machines. Avoid the risk of danger.

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Have you ever heard of forklift certification?

Although you have surely observed industrial trucks at work, have you ever thought about driving one? Are you aware that federal law requires forklift certification to promote safety? While it is important to know this, the regulations can be easily met with a short online course.

The instructional video meets all OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates, and can be completed in a little more than an hour. You can even access it by Smart phone, enabling you to take the class any time of day or night. The slide show will demonstrate ways to avoid malfunctions and accidents from falling objects, collisions, or overturns. You will be prepared before a risky situation presents itself, and you’ll know how to circumvent a mishap.

The site is secure, keeping your information safe, and the cost is minimal: just $38. That’s about the same price you’d spend for an evening out with a date, but it could help to secure your future with a great practical skill.

When you finish watching the educational movie, there will be practice questions and a qualifying exam. The test, however, is short and simple with only twelve multiple choice items. A 70% score is all you need to earn you your forklift certification, and you can print the proof of fulfillment on the spot. Your boss can give you a driving evaluation at your job after you have had the opportunity to practice with the machinery.

Your documentation is valid for three years everywhere in the United States. It is also accepted in Mexico and Canada.

If you have never heard of licensing to operate a lift, then you may be amazed at the simplicity of the eligibility process. Shipyards, warehouses, and both private and government construction sites employ these vehicles, making their applications numerous and indispensible.

3 settings where forklift operators are needed

Looking for a new career? There are so many places where forklift operators are needed. Locales all over the country use heavy machinery to do the work of many individuals. Here are three of the most common areas where you will see these vehicles:

  • Shipyards employ them for shipping and receiving goods.
  • Warehouse associates for businesses are needed for loading, unloading, and moving inventory.
  • Construction sites require building materials to be transported from one place to another.

Throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, industries utilize these trucks, and your license is good in all of these places for three years. Your forklift certification is also inexpensive and easy to acquire quickly. In fact, you can have it in your hands today.

All you have to do is log on to the secure website from your nearest computer or Smart phone and, for the nominal fee of $38, you can access the educational slide show. This instruction will provide the safety advice necessary to comply with the mandates of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You will learn techniques to avoid carrying unbalanced loads and to prevent overturns that could result in tipping. The presentation is concluded with a brief questionnaire. After you attain at least a 70% score on the test, you will be able to select the option to print your driver qualifications. A manager can supervise your workplace performance with the machine and determine when you are ready to take on new tasks.

The transportation field reports the greatest job satisfaction ratings of any employment type. Average salaries of almost $30,000 a year make this a very attractive opportunity with such a small investment in time and cost to get started.

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5 Great Advantages of Learning to Operate a Forklift

You may think you would like to learn to operate a forklift, but you may be unaware of some of the real advantages of choosing this occupation.

  • There is usually significant job satisfaction associated with workers in the transport industry. This field has consistently ranked high among workers who are happy with their employment.
  • With a median salary approaching $30,000 and topping off at over $44,000 annually, the pay is good.
  • Construction, warehousing, and shipping require the use of industrial machinery. These businesses are found nearly everywhere. Since your license is accepted in Canada or Mexico, as well as in each state of the United States, your credentials will be recognized in multitudes of places.
  • Federal law demands that you obtain a license before operating a forklift. This is, however, very simple to manage. An online instructional course that complies with all government standards can fulfill this requirement in just over an hour. You will get complete information regarding maintenance and maneuvering to promote safety in the development of your handling skills. You can download an inspection checklist that will provide you with a daily record of the condition of your vehicle. You can even print your qualifications as soon as you pass the short test on the website. Your employer can then oversee your practice efforts and evaluate your driving competence.
  • The cost for the class is only $38, and your payment will be secure. Support is available 24/7 if you have any questions. Your certification will be valid for three years.

If you are considering entering this field, you can know that you will be selecting a practical ability that offers many distinct benefits. This can be a fast start for a new opportunity.

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3 reasons why forklift operators are happy with their job

Most workers in the transportation industry have higher than average rates of job satisfaction. Forklift operators are among those who generally enjoy their occupations. What makes this line of employment so special? Are there particular advantages to choosing this field for your career?

  1. There is a happiness factor related to practicality; to the idea that you are performing a task that is helpful to others. You experience a visible sense of accomplishment as you see items being organized or transferred to an appointed location. There is pride in the knowledge that your efforts are both necessary and appreciated. Your company relies on you to make sure the inventory is safely relocated to its proper place.
  2. Forklift certification is easy to get into and operating the machinery is not difficult to learn. You can become licensed in a little over an hour with an internet course that is fully compliant with the government standards. The slide presentation covers all the valuable information necessary to avoiding accidents. You will be tested on the instruction in a simple multiple choice exam before accessing your printable license. The test can also be retaken if you don’t manage a passing grade right away. The entire process only costs about $38 and can be conveniently done at your computer or with your Smart phone. The actual operation of the lift requires a little effort and practice. This is easily realized under the supervision of your boss.
  3. The pay is good, averaging just under $30,000 annually in the United States, and jobs are usually secure for solid businesses and competent drivers.

This is one vocation that even has an enjoyable following beyond the workday. Some areas host skill competitions to promote goodwill and enhance maneuvering abilities.

If that sounds like the kind of pursuit in which you’d be interested, you can start here today on our secure website. Our support staff stands ready to help you earn your accreditation.


Has a forklift got you under its spell?

You were cruising along minding your own business, your windows rolled down, and the breeze blowing through your hair, when you had to do a quick double take.  You just saw the most incredible hunk of machinery, a forklift, doing what it does best. Its skillful handling and smooth moves have you under its spell. You just found the companion of your dreams on a construction site. You can’t wait to see it again in close proximity, to run your fingers over its smooth metal. You assume a glassy-eyed look. That faraway stare is the outward and visible sign of serious longing. When you get back from the twilight zone, here’s how you can have real access to the attraction that put stars in your eyes:

Would you believe that you can gain access to all of this right on our secure website? You can take an online safety course in less than two hours, and print your legal qualifications to operate heavy machinery. For a price of $38, you can get forklift certification. The educational presentation and follow-up test meet all the federal requirements, and your license will be accepted in every state in the United States for three years. It will also apply in Canada and Mexico, in case you want to explore the international possibilities. That license will eliminate the temptation to make an illegal U-turn just to gawk.

Your vision fades to the fantasy of hanging around these beauties at work: you imagine them moving, as if down a runway, with the grace of a gazelle. They are no slouches in the talent competition, either. They don’t just sing; they purr. OK, that tiara looks stupid. You can throw it away and enjoy your new title as king of the warehouse. Who needs rhinestones anyway? You have the best of show.





The proper way to test for forklift certification

It is the evening before you will take the test for your forklift certification. You have wanted to drive one of those industrial trucks since you were a tadpole. Now that the opportunity is within sight, you are going to have to pass an evaluation. You envision a lengthy discussion question exam. Your life flashes before your eyes. You begin to break out in a cold sweat. You experience waves of nausea. You know you need to cram for that quiz tonight, but how will you begin to study for it when you’ve never driven a lift? Temporary insanity has overtaken you.

Before you suffer a fainting spell, you need to know that there is a better way. Take deep slow breaths while you learn about an alternative: online instruction. There will still be a questionnaire at the end, but it will be only twelve multiple choice items. No cramming necessary. No sweat. No joke. You can do this with the great video preparation that you view online. In only about an hour, you will watch an interesting slide presentation regarding safe means of navigating and operating a lift.

You can even retake the brief questionnaire if you don’t get a passing score right away. When you successfully accomplish your mission, you can select the option to download your accreditation on the spot so you can proudly display your achievement. An additional copy will arrive soon in your mailbox.

Your forklift certification will be able to go with you anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the next three years.

The entire process will only cost you $38. You can pay it securely, too, as the website is encrypted.

So remain calm and enjoy your lesson. Just don’t tell anyone you had a panic attack before you found out how easy this really is.




Forklift Certification: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

There are lots of reasons why you need forklift certification if you are planning to drive a lift. Here are the top 10:

  1. It is required by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) if you want to become an operator.
  2. The comprehensive instructions for maneuvering the vehicle will help to keep you and bystanders safe from accidents and injuries. The video will demonstrate methods to avoid overturns and falling objects: common causes of mishaps.
  3. It is a great practical skill to enhance your list of competences on your résumé.
  4. Industrial trucks are used in so many industries and locations that this increases your likelihood of developing the ability. Just recall all the warehouses, shipping docks, and construction sites where you have seen these machines working.
  5. Forklift certification is easy to obtain. The qualifying test is short and simple, and the preparation is excellent. If necessary, you can even retake it for a higher score at no extra fee.
  6. It is not expensive at only $38 for the online course. Your satisfaction is also guaranteed.
  7. It is not time-consuming. In just over an hour, you can watch the entire educational slide show, pass your quiz, and print your documentation.
  8. It is so convenient to be able to take the class whenever and wherever you choose, with your desktop, laptop, or Smart phone. You will not need to sacrifice salaried hours to do this.
  9. Your accreditation is usable just about everywhere: throughout the United States, in Mexico, and in Canada.
  10. The license does not have to be renewed for three years from the time you get it unless an accident necessitates a refresher course.

With all these amazing incentives, you will surely want to make this a goal to achieve.