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OSHA – Don’t Tempt the Fates

tempting fate: don't get burnedIf you are looking to renew your forklift certification in San Francisco, then you may be wondering if it’s really worth the time or effort. You already know how to drive, and chances are you have years of experience under your belt that says you’re good at it. The problem is, you’re taking a gamble by not obtaining your license, and here’s why:

Back in May of 2012, GM Logistics came under scrutiny following the death of an operator. The truck they were operating started to tip, and the operator attempted to jump out of the way, but he was crushed instead. OSHA found that this was a very preventable death, and they issued a series of proposed citations totaling over $19,000. Of course, no amount of punishment can replace the life that was lost that day due to the blatant disregard for the rules that OSHA has instated.

Fast forward to February of 2013, when Global Experience Specialists are cited for a truck related death at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. This employer not only should have known about the safety violations, but on one count, it can be proven that they did know and allowed it to continue. They have quite a history of violations, and OSHA proposed a hefty $91,000 in fines.

Even as recently as December of 2013, The Gilman Brothers Co. also committed serious safety violations. The total proposed fines are more than $105,000, but over $14,000 can be attributed to truck safety violations, including striking and injuring a pedestrian. Had the rules been followed, these injuries could have been prevented.

These types of violations occur all of the time, which is why OSHA regularly performs inspections. They will fine any employers found in violation. Don’t gamble with your job or your life. Get your forklift certification in San Francisco here at US Forklift Certification. It’s fast, easy, and it’s the perfect reminder to stay safe while you’re operating.

This device can save you from having an accident

There is now a device called Body Guard that can help reduce the risk of a collision either vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to person. This device works similarly to the devices that are installed in many vehicles today by alerting the driver when there is an object or a person in too close of proximity to the forklift. Read more here:

Why Does OSHA Require Forklift Certification in Atlanta, Georgia?

It is no secret that OSHA won’t hesitate to fine an Atlanta, Georgia, company for failing to comply with their laws, but the question is why? More specifically, why does the Administration require that you obtain forklift certification if you want to drive a forklift in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? Let’s examine the reasons.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a branch of the Federal government that is concerned with workplace safety. Around 1970, Congress created an act to promote the safety of workers. The best way the government can do this is to create penalties for not following the laws that are put into place to protect workers.

So how does forklift certification fit into the picture? Well, the vehicle is a piece of heavy machinery, and failing to operate it properly can lead to damages, injuries, and even death. According to one study, the most common cause of accidental death was due to overturning the vehicle. If you are unaware of how to safely load the lift or drive the machine, this could easily lead to tipping.

According to that same study, getting proper training significantly reduced the number of errors that operators made. While not all accidents are caused by errors, a vast majority of them are, and knowing how to safely operate your the truck could just save your life or the life of a fellow coworker.

If safety isn’t motivation enough, which may be the case for many companies who are just looking to make a quick buck, the fines will surely deter Georgia employers from ignoring these laws. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, fines can start anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 per violation, and can increase or decrease based on several factors.

Basically, if you want to be an operator, it is in your best interest to get your required credentials. One of the bonuses, though, is that your license is not state-specific, meaning that it will be recognized in all of Georgia, the United States, and even Mexico and Canada. So head on over to our website at and enroll today.


Nashville and Surrounding Areas – Tennessee Forklift Training

Tennessee has numerous opportunities for forklift drivers. Industries you could find work include home improvement stores, warehouses, recycling and distribution centers. If you desire a position in one of these areas, you must be at least 18 years of age and be certified. Your chances will greatly improve should you acquire certification before applying for a job. Taking a certification program is affordable and will improve your chances of finding a well paying job.

The good news is once you take the plunge and get your credentials, they will be good throughout the entire US, Canada, and Mexico. That means if life takes you outside of Nashville, you’re still covered.

One of the reasons this training is so important is to keep you and the people around you free from harm. The fork on your vehicle can cause a lot of damage if used inappropriately. That’s why OSHA has taken such a strong stance on this. In fact, if you are found to be operating the vehicle without the proper license, you or your employer could be on the hook for up to $10,000 in fines.

As you go through the training program, you won’t find any surprises. You’ll be reviewing the different kinds of devices, safety and maintenance instructions, how to properly load and unload the fork, and more. If you really want to get a good feel for what you’re in for, you can take our complimentary quiz to see how much you already know.

Forklift Accident and the Importance of Safety and Maintenance

Several years ago a forklift accident in a warehouse setting left one casualty. The employee had his legs trapped under a steel beam that had fallen from a lift. Emergency crews had to use a crane to lift the beam off of the employee. Though the man was rushed to a nearby hospital, he later passed away due to the complications associated with the accident. He was only 39 years old.

Initially it was thought that a fallen crane was involved in the accident, but once an investigation was launched it was determined to be the spreader bar from the vehicle. OSHA was involved in the investigation and said it would take weeks before a final determination could be made.

Accidents and casualties in the workplace are avoidable by proper safety and equipment training. The first thing a driver should do is walk around the vehicle to make sure there is not a potential problem. Depending on the type of device being used, there are several checks that should be performed. Battery fluids and hydraulic oil needs to be checked, hoses checked for damages and leaks, tires checked for proper inflation and lug nuts for tightness, fuel, fire extinguisher, just to name a few. A more extensive list can be found here.

A machine that is defective, or unsafe, should be taken out of service immediately. All problems need to be recorded on the appropriate documents and reported to the supervisor. Never operate a machine that requires maintenance or is unsafe. All repairs should be made by authorized personnel, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself unless you are trained and have authorization. Preventative maintenance should be performed according to the manufacturer.

Ensuring operators learn the proper measures result in fewer injuries, unnecessary costs and prolongs the life of the forklift.