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Can I Get a Discount on Group Forklift Certifications in NYC?

If you’re an employer, then you know how expensive it can get to keep your employees forklift certification in New York City current. Of course, failing to keep compliant can cost a lot more, so you keep up with it, but if you’re looking for a better option, then you’ve found it. While we charge a mere $48 per person on a regular basis, you can get a discount for purchasing the course for multiple employees at a time.

How Many Employees Do You Have?

group discounts for forklift certificationThe more employees you can sign up for the course, the better the discount. 2 are better than 1, and with only 2 employees you can slash the per-course cost to $36. That’s a discount of $12. If you have three employees, then it is akin to a buy 2, get 1 free deal. This discount is good for a bulk purchase of 2 to 9 courses.

If you have more than 10 employees that you need to get certified, then the price goes down even further. For just $28 per course, a drastic $20 cut, you can have 10 or more employees trained and certified in as little as 2 hours. With just 10 employees, that’s $200 worth of savings, and the more employees you have, the more the savings keep piling up.

Maximize Your Time

A traditional school costs more, but it also takes up more of your valuable time, and time is money. With us, everything you need is right here, right when you need it, which is better on your bottom line.

Forklift certification in New York City is no joke, and OSHA can pop up at any time to do an inspection. Make sure you keep your employees in compliance, and keep their licenses current with our convenient online course and discount program. So, bookmark us at, and come back time and again to keep your employees compliant at a price that can reduce your expenses.

Is My Michigan Forklift Certification Good in Other States?

forklift certification in MichiganIf you obtained your forklift certification in Detroit, then you may be under the assumption that you will have to stay put. When you move, you have to get a new driver’s license, so won’t you need to get a new operator’s license as well? The good news is that you don’t. Operating licenses are good for the full three years anywhere you want to take them, as long as you stay in:

The United States: You aren’t limited to just the lower forty-eight. You can go to Alaska and Hawaii as well. Imagine spending your evenings at luaus and sipping drinks from coconuts. Maybe you would rather have a chance to see the northern lights or go camping, hiking, or ice fishing in the winter. The states are the limit, or maybe not…

Canada: Our neighbor to the north also has plenty of job opportunities and with the majority of the country speaking English you should fit right in. You might even pick up a little (Canadian style) French, which you can use to impress the women back home. Of course, if the cold weather isn’t for you, then maybe you should go south of the border instead.

Mexico: That’s right, your forklift certification in Detroit can also take you to Mexico. We know that many immigrants want to come north, but maybe you should consider Mexico as more than just a nice vacation destination. The cost of living tends to be much lower than anywhere in the U.S., and you will be immersed in a very lively and vibrant culture that could really improve your Spanglish skills.

Of course, it all starts with the little piece of paper that tells employers that you know how to handle your vehicle. We offer an online training course that is easy, inexpensive, and totally OSHA approved, so you can get the job of your dreams in the city you really want to live in.

Driving a Lift Has Never Been Easier: 3 Reasons Why

Forklift certification is required and regulated by federal law, but getting and maintaining your qualifications is easier than ever. Here are the reasons it is so simple:

  1. Licensing is obtainable fast. You can use the internet to do your training, testing, and even download the validation. In the space of just over an hour, you can have your documentation ready to present to your employer. You don’t have to fret about the test after watching the slide show presentation. There will be samples for preparation, and the final is made up of only twelve multiple choice items. You can even repeat it to earn your passing score.
  2. Accreditation is not costly. The low price of just $38 will give you the safety education necessary to operate an industrial truck properly and avert accidents. Payment and identity are safe with the secure site.
  3. Online distance learning has made the legal requirement and instruction so convenient. You may complete the course at any time that fits your schedule. With your Smart phone, you can also view the curriculum from any location.

While some technical schools offer classes for forklift certification, you will surely have a significantly larger investment in both time and money for the same credentials. It is sometimes difficult to afford either the hours away from work or the expense of an institution’s tuition.
The authorization remains effective for up to three years in each of the fifty United States. Canada and Mexico accept the same paperwork, as well, so your eligibility can travel with you.

A printable inspection checklist is included to facilitate your daily equipment audits. Learning to operate a lift is a matter of practice. Careful observation, maintaining balance, and acquired experience are keys to success.

Visit U.S. Forklift Certification to get started. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Create Your Forklift Legacy in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that forklift certification has become the legacy of many? Lots of people recognize the rewards of driving a lift. It fulfills a widespread need in various types of businesses, from construction to warehousing. You, too, can embark on an exciting new vocation by doing these things:

  1. Go to the secure website and select the option to get started on your course. The instruction fulfills the federal mandate for training and accreditation.
  2. Pay the small price of $38 by electronic transfer. This is an amazing bargain when you compare it to the cost of a comparable campus class.
  3. Watch the slide demonstration on how to check for parts that may need maintenance and facilitate accident prevention. Discover how to avoid imbalance situations and dropping cargo. The curriculum will take you through the daily steps to ensure the function and safety of your vehicle. A multiple choice quiz verifies your mastery of the information. When you get your passing score, your documentation will be ready to print.

Don’t let the idea of a test spook you. You’ll have samples beforehand, and a chance to try again. Besides, there are only twelve items.
Forklift certification is the path to a beneficial skill. You may practice navigating as soon as your boss gives you the OK. In a short time, you will have gained the experience and confidence to perform well. In the beginning, sandbags and empty pallets are helpful props when you are loading and unloading.

The authorization you earn will be renewable in three years. In the meantime, you can present your card and it will be recognized in all fifty states plus Canada and Mexico. Think of all those kids of the upcoming generation who will admire your truck and the operator’s ability just as you probably remember doing. You can begin to establish your legacy by going to U. S. Forklift Certification.

Cash In on a Rewarding Career for Only $38: Here’s How

It is common for people to make career changes at some point in their lives. If you are looking at possibilities for rewarding work and training on a budget, look no further than forklift certification. Follow a few steps to a great new vocation:

  • Register securely for your internet course that walks you through all the regulations, checklists, and navigational procedures to maintain the safety of you and your coworkers. You can do this on most Smart phones as well as your computer. That convenience allows you to achieve your goal from virtually any location at any time of the day or night.
  • The $38 fee pays for your instruction, the simple test, and your credentials. The site is user friendly and secure.
  • The material is formatted in a video of approximately an hour which explains every point of properly inspecting and driving your truck in the safest manner. This education and documentation is legislated by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration).
  • There are a dozen exam questions, all multiple choice, for which you will need a minimum score of passing (70%). You will have similar preparation, however, and the opportunity to retake the exam, if it is necessary, free of extra cost. There is a satisfaction guarantee.
  • You may wait to get your license from your postal carrier, or click to have one printed as soon as you finish the quiz successfully.

This is a three year forklift certification, good in every U. S. state, Mexico, and Canada. With numerous industries that employ heavy industrial machinery, good median starting salaries, and impressive job satisfaction ratings, this is a sound investment in your future. Look to U. S. Forklift Certification to help you embark on an exciting new chapter in your life.

A Great Positive Outlook Can Be Held in One Little Card

There is great pride in achievement of a cherished goal, and career advancement can bring about a beneficial sense of confidence. One little card, forklift certification, holds such possibilities, yet is not at all difficult to manifest.

Online instruction makes the license very easily acquired. Simply log on to the educational website, send $38 electronically via the secure transaction, and view a slide presentation on safety inspections and procedures. Learn to avoid tipping the vehicle and how to ensure balance. Download the checklists you need and get all the information required by federal mandates. In a bit more than an hour, you will have zipped through the entire thorough course.

You can do the test that qualifies you for your documentation immediately after you see the video. There is no reason to feel concerned about the quiz, as you can repeat it if you don’t quite make your passing mark on the initial try.

You may opt to print your qualifications after the conclusion of the exam, or simply wait for the mailman to deliver them. Your forklift certification is accepted all over the country, in all U. S. states, Canada, or Mexico. Expiration is three years in the future.
The program offers 24 hour support all week and complete satisfaction. Earn your validation to develop a rewarding new skill at your computer or on a Smart phone. A small investment is sufficient to give you a credential to put on your résumé and fulfill the requirement to practice driving an industrial truck.

Surveys show that employees in the transport industry derive the greatest enjoyment from their work of any occupational field. Operators are utilized for their specialized abilities in a wide variety of venues: building, shipping and receiving, warehousing, and distribution. Get your emblem of accomplishment today at U. S. Forklift Certification.

A Card For Your Birthday: Tell Grandma to Save Her $50 and Give You $38 Instead

Yes, a card is all you want, but a very special kind: you’re seeking forklift certification. Why the $38? That’s what it will cost for your online course and license. Grandma will be giving you a gift that can facilitate your career plans. You only have to sign up, send the fee securely on the site, pass a short questionnaire, and your documents will be available for downloading. You can even show her the results the same day you receive your present. You’ll both be pleased. In fact, the training program guarantees your satisfaction.

The format for the safety education is visual. The presentation will include such important subjects as inspecting the parts of your truck daily for issues and handling the vehicle so as to avoid mishaps. The material fulfills the legal requirement for proper education and accreditation. It is easy to understand and there will be a review. In little more than an hour, you will be ready to answer the twelve questions that enable you to become qualified to operate a lift.

Once obtained, forklift certification is in effect for three years nearly everywhere you might choose to work: all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The industrial equipment you’ve been dreaming of driving since childhood is getting closer. Present your new credentials to your employer, and with permission, you can start practicing checking your machine to see that it is in good condition, adjusting the fork for various loads, and navigating around the warehouse. Your careful observation and preparation will be useful each day. Your time and your Grandmother’s money will be well invested. Rely on U. S. Forklift Certification to help you with your mission.

How forklift certification can change your life

Are you thinking about becoming licensed to operate heavy machinery? Forklift certification is a simple way to get life-changing results. You have surely watched this equipment moving cartons and crates in shipyards, parking lots, and warehouses with considerable ease. Superstores and other industries rely on these machines to regulate inventory.

If you have been considering a career change in today’s uncertain job market, this could be a great skill to acquire. It is also remarkably easy to obtain your accreditation. Then you can practice driving under supervision at your work site.

Log on to the computer course from anywhere (even your Smart phone will usually access this) at a time that is convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about missing work or attending any dull lectures. The educational video can be viewed in about an hour. It will instruct you in the standards of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and provide you with the knowledge to avoid hazardous situations.

You will have the tools, including a daily inspection checklist, to properly maintain your truck and keep it in tiptop shape. A pretest will get you ready for the short multiple choice final exam. You can even redo it if your first grade isn’t satisfactory. As soon as you have a passing score, you can elect to print your license. Another card will come to you in the mail after a few days.

The forklift certification will meet federal requirements in all fifty of the United States for three years. It is also recognized in Mexico and Canada. This means you can work just about anywhere without having to re-certify.

How much does it cost to get all these benefits? Amazingly, you can be fully compliant and prepared to operate your vehicle for only $38. What do you have to lose? You will gain an aptitude and possibly unlock new opportunities.

What will forklift certification mean to you?

Forklift certification is mandatory if you will be operating an industrial truck. It is a government requirement. However, it is simple to obtain your accreditation and it can open new employment opportunities for you. Consider all the locations that use these machines. They are an indispensable aspect of so many businesses since this equipment is vital to shipping and warehousing.

How do you go about getting your qualifications? Would you believe you can do it today? It is as easy as signing up for a $38 online class on a secure website and passing a twelve question test. The subject is presented in an interesting slide show which can be watched in a little over an hour at your convenience.

The instructional video will tell you about the characteristics of your lift and how to inspect the parts before engaging the vehicle. You will get a printable checklist for this purpose. You will know how to drive defensively with special attention to ways of avoiding accidents and injuries. The course is completely aligned with federal standards and your credentials will be honored throughout the entire United States, in addition to Canada and Mexico, for three full years.

You can be confident about the short exam, as there will be practice questions. You can also take it again, if necessary, to get your acceptable score. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can choose to print your documentation as soon as you successfully complete the quiz.

Forklift certification will be a useful proficiency to add to your résumé, and if you are currently employed, your supervisor should be pleased to learn that you have gained a new practical skill.

Since this voucher for your talents can mean so much to your work, what are you waiting for?

5 states that need forklift operators

While businesses all over the United States utilize forklift operators, here is a small sampling of some of the places currently seeking those who are licensed for this ability:

  1. A Wisconsin warehouse is requesting applications for someone to drive a lift.
  2. A Pennsylvania flooring manufacturer has an opening for an employee to use heavy machinery.
  3. Louisiana has a sugar refinery looking for industrial truck personnel.
  4. Texas has a listing for city street maintenance that requires moving pavement and concrete products.
  5. Virginia needs a worker to relocate forest materials.

There is extensive variety in the number of jobs that involve forklift certification. How does one qualify for these types of positions? The federal government, for safety reasons, requires that you be licensed. It is not difficult to get the proper credentials.

If you take an online accreditation course, you can be qualified in only about two hours. Simply log on to the secure site, pay $38, and view the video presentation detailing the security information you need to know. You will learn the parts of the machine and the steps for inspection and maintenance. Troubleshooting information will be given, and most importantly, you’ll have an understanding of how to prevent common accidents and overturns.

A passing score on the short test will earn you your documentation. You can even print it on the spot, with another copy available to you by mail. The verification will be acceptable in all of the states above, as well as the remainder of the country. You can even work in Mexico or Canada with the same paperwork. There will be no need to comply again before three years.

With all the diverse possibilities, you can see that this will be a very handy addition to your marketable skills.