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Beat the Heat: How Houston Forklift Operators Stay Cool

Texas flagForklift certification in Houston has its perks, but there are some downsides too, like having to deal with extreme weather conditions. With the onset of the warm season, here are a few tips to keep you cool and safe when you’re working in the heat outdoors.

Take a Moment to Cool Off

You should be taking regular breaks to hydrate and cool off. Get out of the sunlight and sit in some air conditioning for a minute, if you can. A quick fix is to run your wrists under cold water for about a minute. This will help cool the blood in your ulnar artery, which will then circulate through the rest of your body to help you cool down.

Think Light

Light colors reflect light rather than absorbing it, cutting down on the amount of heat reaching your body. Wearing natural fabrics, like cotton, will also help ensure that your shirt is breathable, which allows air to circulate and evaporate your sweat, a process that helps your body release heat.

Spice It Up

Your natural inclination is to grab something cold to eat or drink when you’re hot, but this actually causes your body to warm up to digest these cold foods. Instead, you should drink your water warm, and add spicy foods to your lunch and snacks. The heat will drive your body heat down, and the spicy food will make you sweat more, which again, is your body’s most effective way to get rid of heat fast.

Plan Ahead

Making towelsicles the night before is an excellent way to prepare for a hot day. Wet and wring several hand towels, then roll them up and put them in the freezer. The next morning, throw the towels in a plastic bag and throw it in your cooler to keep the towels cool throughout the day. Whenever you’re feeling hot, you can grab one out and throw it on your face or neck to help you cool off.

Imagine Yourself Playing in the Snow

As your forklift certification in Houston taught you, you should remain focused while you’re operating in order to reduce accidents, but when you have a moment, allowing your mind to wander to a frozen environment can help you cool off. Research has shown that by imagining yourself in a cold environment, your body temperature will actually decrease in response.

Keeping your job is as simple as being a good driver and making sure your license is current, which is why we here at US Forklift Certification created our online training course. We minimize your training time and make the process simple and convenient so that you can get back to doing what you love as soon as possible.

OSHA – Don’t Tempt the Fates

tempting fate: don't get burnedIf you are looking to renew your forklift certification in San Francisco, then you may be wondering if it’s really worth the time or effort. You already know how to drive, and chances are you have years of experience under your belt that says you’re good at it. The problem is, you’re taking a gamble by not obtaining your license, and here’s why:

Back in May of 2012, GM Logistics came under scrutiny following the death of an operator. The truck they were operating started to tip, and the operator attempted to jump out of the way, but he was crushed instead. OSHA found that this was a very preventable death, and they issued a series of proposed citations totaling over $19,000. Of course, no amount of punishment can replace the life that was lost that day due to the blatant disregard for the rules that OSHA has instated.

Fast forward to February of 2013, when Global Experience Specialists are cited for a truck related death at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. This employer not only should have known about the safety violations, but on one count, it can be proven that they did know and allowed it to continue. They have quite a history of violations, and OSHA proposed a hefty $91,000 in fines.

Even as recently as December of 2013, The Gilman Brothers Co. also committed serious safety violations. The total proposed fines are more than $105,000, but over $14,000 can be attributed to truck safety violations, including striking and injuring a pedestrian. Had the rules been followed, these injuries could have been prevented.

These types of violations occur all of the time, which is why OSHA regularly performs inspections. They will fine any employers found in violation. Don’t gamble with your job or your life. Get your forklift certification in San Francisco here at US Forklift Certification. It’s fast, easy, and it’s the perfect reminder to stay safe while you’re operating.

5 Ways to Stay Cool While Working the Forklift Outside in Phoenix

The hot Phoenix sunIt’s great to have your forklift certification in Phoenix, but these jobs can also come with their challenges, especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Here are 5 ways to keep cool in the summer heat:

1.      Take Frequent Breaks: When working in extreme heat, it is mandatory that you take breaks in order to cool down. Find some shade, air conditioning, or cold running water. Running cold water over your wrists for about a minute every 2 to 3 hours will help cool down your ulnar artery, which will deliver the cooled blood to the rest of your system.

2.      Take a Swig of Your Favorite Hot Sauce: Although counter intuitive, eating spicy food will help you cool off. Grabbing an ice cream cone or iced water will cause your body to try to compensate for the incoming cold food by warming up. Eating spicy food will make your body try to cool down, namely by producing sweat, which will help lower your core body temperature.

3.      Go Light: Dark colors absorb heat, which will only make you feel warmer. Light colors, on the other hand, reflect light and heat, keeping you a little cooler while you work. In addition, cotton clothes are more breathable than synthetics, which allows air to pass through to dry your sweat and help keep you cool.

4.      Make Towelsicles: You should take care to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, but you should also carry a cooler of face towels, or what we like to call towelsicles. Simply wet it down the night before and wring out the water. Then roll it up and put it in the freezer. Do several towels, and the next day put them in a plastic bag and then in a cooler. They’ll help keep your lunch cold, and you can pull one out and use it whenever you’re feeling too hot.

5.      Day Dream: While you learn to keep your mind on your work during forklift certification in Phoenix, it doesn’t hurt to daydream during breaks. Picture yourself in a winter wonderland, which your body will react to by lowering its temperature. It’s amazing what you can do when you use your imagination.

If it’s time to renew your certificate or you are just looking for a career change, then you should consider the benefits of our online course. It’s quick, simple, inexpensive, and you won’t even break a sweat doing it.

Forklift Certification: Making Safety the First Priority

First rate safety training is a vital aspect of forklift certification. Accidents occur for many reasons, but careful instruction, sufficient practice, and alert driving reduce the risks.

It is important not to rush or skimp on daily inspections of your equipment since a malfunction can be prevented by early detection of a potential problem. Older machines and inadequate maintenance can be a danger factor. The checklist you get with your curriculum is a helpful tool for ensuring that your vehicle is in good condition.

Preventable operational hazards could happen as the result of horseplay, moving too fast, riding with a passenger, or proceeding with the load elevated.

Improper technique such as backing or parking incorrectly can cause mishaps. Acceleration, braking, and turns should also be executed appropriately.

Cargo must be stacked so as not to block vision or to become unstable. It should not be too heavy or likely to shift. Check pallets also, as one in need of repair may not provide sufficient support.

Your forklift certification course cautions you to give attention to surroundings. Environmental issues including narrow pathways, obstructions, insufficient lighting, toxic odors, noise, or people nearby can all pose added possibilities for casualties.
The online video class presents excellent tips for understanding how uneven materials may affect your ability to navigate. Ramps with varying surfaces or traveling over different pavements may impact upon balance.

You will have all the pointers you need as well as the knowledge that your license complies with government standards for the investment of $38 and just a couple of hours of your time. What a small price to pay for the confidence you’ll have in feeling secure as you work. For quality education, convenience, affordability, and 24/7 support, you can depend on U. S. Forklift Certification.

When Your Forklift is Happy, So Are You

You give yourself a gift when you earn forklift certification. Each time you approach your vehicle, you should conduct an inspection. Much of the routine is like that of caring for an automobile. Start by checking the oil, radiator fluid, and fuel levels. Then take a look at the battery plug and wheels. Note the condition of all the nuts, bolts, and screws. All carriage teeth should be intact. Headlights and warning lights should be working. Next, examine the various brakes (foot brake, hand brake, and parking brake) for operational problems. Do the same for the clutch and gear shift. Check the steering mechanism, any other lights, and the lifting apparatus. Inspect the tilting options and cylinders. With the engine running, listen for any unusual noises. With the motor off again, look under the hood for possible leaks and assess the tension and state of the belts. When the truck has been on for a while, you should be able to determine if the meters and gauges are working properly or indicating any problem. Review your mirrors, horns, controls, and safety devices. Last, adjust your seat settings for comfort and accessibility.

These are some of the pointers you learn during the online forklift certification course. It is a necessary part of your safe driving education. All of the legal standards are covered for only $38. A multiple choice test evaluates your qualifications based on what you have learned. In a period of less than two hours, you can be trained in accident avoidance according to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates. You will be accredited throughout the United States and can also use your documentation in Canada and Mexico.

Your computer class will provide you with a convenient checklist for all of these items. When you complete it each day before you engage your machinery, you can carry on with confidence.

Forklift Safety First: Be On the Lookout for These

The main reason for the federal requirement regarding forklift certification is the safety of the driver and all those within the area of operation. With about 100,000 heavy machinery accidents recorded annually, precautions can be an important step to reducing that number.
Look out for falling objects. Make certain the fork has been properly adjusted for the size items being lifted. Correct balance decreases the chances of dropping materials.

  • Look out for people. Always check to see who is in the area before moving. Then watch for anyone entering the space as you work.
  • Look out for objects that may have fallen or may have been placed in your pathway. You should survey the zone before navigating the vehicle. Remain vigilant for anything you might have missed, or any other article that has since become relocated.
  • Look out for your machine. Conduct a complete inspection of your equipment before you begin maneuvering it. The checklist you received with your forklift certification course will guide you through the procedure daily.

Keep your eyes open and ears tuned for any unexpected event or arrival of individuals or other machinery. One of the most valuable qualities of a good operator is alertness.

If you are approaching the three year anniversary of your licensing, then you will need to renew your accreditation. You can do this online in only a couple of hours at about $38. The instruction meets all legal standards and gives you the necessary information to help prevent mishaps. The price includes the simple test, and the credentials are downloadable upon successful completion. This will keep you compliant for another three years and is accepted in Canada and Mexico as well as in every state of the United States.

Avoid danger as you enjoy one of the most popular jobs in the transportation industry. Contact us at our user friendly, secure site for your permit.

Protecting yourself while operating a forklift: three things you must do

Safety when operating a forklift must always be a priority. Although its operation is somewhat different than a car, driving risks are basically the same. You want to be sure that you and others are protected from mishaps. There are still large numbers of accidents reported every year where heavy machinery has been involved. Some precautions will help you avoid adding to these statistics.

  1. Before driving, take the time to check the surrounding space for objects that have become out of place or people who have entered the area.
  2. Wear all the protective clothing and accessories you have for this purpose. Boots, gloves, hardhats, and other items can greatly lessen your chance of injury.
  3. Keep your license current, and follow the procedures outlined in your safety course. Forklift certification requires this instruction, and you can view all the information that you need in just over an hour. The low cost of $38 makes the legal compliance both affordable and convenient. The daily inspection checklist gives you the assurance that your truck is in good order before you begin work. Overturns and dropped objects account for many of the incidents that occur. This curriculum tells you how to maintain the balance of the loads carried on the tines and of the machine itself. Your accreditation expires at three years, so be sure to take your refresher class for renewal. You can even do this at home in your spare time at your computer or on your Smart phone.

Operating an industrial vehicle can be a very enjoyable and incredibly useful job. Satisfaction ranks high among employees. Keep the wellbeing of you and your coworkers in mind as you perform your skill.

We are here to cheer you on, offer helpful pointers, and assist you in obtaining your documentation easily, efficiently, and economically.

Forklift theft: settings where it happens

Forklift theft is certainly most common in unenclosed and unprotected areas. Settings such as farms, open parking lots, and unattended construction sites are the most likely candidates for machine swiping.

There are a number of ways you or your company can prevent these occurrences. Since the loss can be very costly, it is well worth taking a few precautions. Video surveillance cameras are relatively inexpensive additions compared with the expense of hiring security guards. Make sure these are mounted in inconspicuous places.

There are devices that disable electrical systems, including those in electric powered vehicles, when not in use. They can simply be turned on again at the beginning of a new work day.

Various control and locking mechanisms are available to ensure that no one can drive away with a truck. Wireless card ignition prevents hotwiring. There are also keypads that substitute for the typical keys.

You have invested time and money in your equipment and the forklift training and certification of your employees. Online safety instruction will help your workers to be familiar with their machinery and guide them in conducting regular thorough inspections. However, it is up to the owner to consider the best and most cost effective solution for avoiding the possibility of stolen trucks. Almost any of the current gadgets designed for this purpose are far less expensive than having to replace machines.

A quick web search will give you some sources for different types of deterrents. Tracking chips may also be a good investment.

It is not inevitable that your business must be victimized. You will be thankful for the short time you took to do some research and compare your options should the worst happen.

We offer these industry related tips regularly, along with the legally compliant course to keep drivers informed and licensed at minimal cost.

Know the OSHA requirements where you reside

It may be an older article, but it is very informative. Visit to see all of the important requirements for operating your forklift. Did you know that some models of lifts are required to carry a fire extinguisher? OSHA requirements can vary state-to-state as well as vehicle-to-vehicle. Know your regulations where you operate so that you may be compliant at all times.

Drive Safely: Tips for you this Winter season

While operating a forklift there are many things to take into consideration. Weather can impact the driver in many ways, but there are some tips to help keep you safe this winter while operating your forklift. Follow these tips and you are sure to stay warm and focused while in the driver’s seat.