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Can I Get a Discount on Group Forklift Certifications in NYC?

If you’re an employer, then you know how expensive it can get to keep your employees forklift certification in New York City current. Of course, failing to keep compliant can cost a lot more, so you keep up with it, but if you’re looking for a better option, then you’ve found it. While we charge a mere $48 per person on a regular basis, you can get a discount for purchasing the course for multiple employees at a time.

How Many Employees Do You Have?

group discounts for forklift certificationThe more employees you can sign up for the course, the better the discount. 2 are better than 1, and with only 2 employees you can slash the per-course cost to $36. That’s a discount of $12. If you have three employees, then it is akin to a buy 2, get 1 free deal. This discount is good for a bulk purchase of 2 to 9 courses.

If you have more than 10 employees that you need to get certified, then the price goes down even further. For just $28 per course, a drastic $20 cut, you can have 10 or more employees trained and certified in as little as 2 hours. With just 10 employees, that’s $200 worth of savings, and the more employees you have, the more the savings keep piling up.

Maximize Your Time

A traditional school costs more, but it also takes up more of your valuable time, and time is money. With us, everything you need is right here, right when you need it, which is better on your bottom line.

Forklift certification in New York City is no joke, and OSHA can pop up at any time to do an inspection. Make sure you keep your employees in compliance, and keep their licenses current with our convenient online course and discount program. So, bookmark us at, and come back time and again to keep your employees compliant at a price that can reduce your expenses.

Is Forklift Certification Your Cup of Tea?

After shaking hands and handing out résumés all week, you may be wondering about your hiring potential and a new strategy. Have you considered the possibility of forklift certification? You have been so many places where heavy machinery is at work: warehouses, shipyards, and various construction sites. Lots of businesses depend on these trucks to move freight or materials and maintain inventory. Wouldn’t it be a useful skill to bolster your list of abilities?

Obtaining the credentials is simple and inexpensive with the help of an online course. You can register on a computer or Smart phone at any time that is convenient for you. Then, in less than two hours, you can be licensed. The fee is just $38, and it includes the video class, testing, and your documentation. The secure site is easy to navigate. You will watch an instructional slide show demonstrating the proper procedures for safe maneuvering of your vehicle. This will help you avoid mishaps. Then, get your passing grade on the short multiple choice quiz to earn your accreditation. The curriculum fulfills all the standards of the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations. You can even download your proof of completion immediately. Another copy will be sent to you via the postal service.

The three-year forklift certification you receive can be used throughout the United States. It is also valid in Canada and Mexico.

Most drivers really enjoy their work. Did you know there are organized competitions for lifts in different locations? The activities promote the development of careful handling and competent navigation.

If you have ever admired these workhorses, now may be the time to think about becoming equipped to drive one. Your training may give you the edge over another prospective employee since it is one less thing the boss will have to do.

Driving a Lift Has Never Been Easier: 3 Reasons Why

Forklift certification is required and regulated by federal law, but getting and maintaining your qualifications is easier than ever. Here are the reasons it is so simple:

  1. Licensing is obtainable fast. You can use the internet to do your training, testing, and even download the validation. In the space of just over an hour, you can have your documentation ready to present to your employer. You don’t have to fret about the test after watching the slide show presentation. There will be samples for preparation, and the final is made up of only twelve multiple choice items. You can even repeat it to earn your passing score.
  2. Accreditation is not costly. The low price of just $38 will give you the safety education necessary to operate an industrial truck properly and avert accidents. Payment and identity are safe with the secure site.
  3. Online distance learning has made the legal requirement and instruction so convenient. You may complete the course at any time that fits your schedule. With your Smart phone, you can also view the curriculum from any location.

While some technical schools offer classes for forklift certification, you will surely have a significantly larger investment in both time and money for the same credentials. It is sometimes difficult to afford either the hours away from work or the expense of an institution’s tuition.
The authorization remains effective for up to three years in each of the fifty United States. Canada and Mexico accept the same paperwork, as well, so your eligibility can travel with you.

A printable inspection checklist is included to facilitate your daily equipment audits. Learning to operate a lift is a matter of practice. Careful observation, maintaining balance, and acquired experience are keys to success.

Visit U.S. Forklift Certification to get started. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Cash In on a Rewarding Career for Only $38: Here’s How

It is common for people to make career changes at some point in their lives. If you are looking at possibilities for rewarding work and training on a budget, look no further than forklift certification. Follow a few steps to a great new vocation:

  • Register securely for your internet course that walks you through all the regulations, checklists, and navigational procedures to maintain the safety of you and your coworkers. You can do this on most Smart phones as well as your computer. That convenience allows you to achieve your goal from virtually any location at any time of the day or night.
  • The $38 fee pays for your instruction, the simple test, and your credentials. The site is user friendly and secure.
  • The material is formatted in a video of approximately an hour which explains every point of properly inspecting and driving your truck in the safest manner. This education and documentation is legislated by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration).
  • There are a dozen exam questions, all multiple choice, for which you will need a minimum score of passing (70%). You will have similar preparation, however, and the opportunity to retake the exam, if it is necessary, free of extra cost. There is a satisfaction guarantee.
  • You may wait to get your license from your postal carrier, or click to have one printed as soon as you finish the quiz successfully.

This is a three year forklift certification, good in every U. S. state, Mexico, and Canada. With numerous industries that employ heavy industrial machinery, good median starting salaries, and impressive job satisfaction ratings, this is a sound investment in your future. Look to U. S. Forklift Certification to help you embark on an exciting new chapter in your life.

Allow Forklift Certification to Become Your Reality

Avoid the nightmares that can accompany ineptitude, slackness, and lack of magnetism. Give your confidence a veritable shot in the arm with forklift certification. If, when you flex your muscles these days, no one pays any attention; you need a “For Dummies” manual for every project you undertake; and your ability to turn heads has taken a nosedive, then you could use a  refreshing change in your routine. How might your license perform a miracle of rejuvenation, filling your charisma meter with powerful charm points?

All kidding aside, while others may admire your capacity to perform a difficult task with grace and ease, you derive the benefit of a proficiency that is in demand throughout the industrial world. Your truck is used to transport supplies from seaports, distribute warehouse goods, and move construction materials on site. It is a mighty wizard of competence, strength, and efficiency. Take another look in the mirror at the driver of that magician.

Learning to operate this machinery only requires practice, but government regulations stipulate that you must have your qualifications to begin. You can get that validation for $38 in just a couple of hours through the secure website, and then complete your practical training and evaluation at your place of employment. Your boss will surely appreciate your incentive.

Take charge of your life and give yourself the opportunity of a rewarding vocation and the pride of achievement.  Is this forklift certification a dream come true?  Reality can be every bit as good as fantasy. In the very least, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that a useful skill is ready to be developed and applied in your job. You’ll also realize that obtaining the accreditation is truly affordable and quickly accomplished through online safety education at U. S. Forklift Certification.

A Card For Your Birthday: Tell Grandma to Save Her $50 and Give You $38 Instead

Yes, a card is all you want, but a very special kind: you’re seeking forklift certification. Why the $38? That’s what it will cost for your online course and license. Grandma will be giving you a gift that can facilitate your career plans. You only have to sign up, send the fee securely on the site, pass a short questionnaire, and your documents will be available for downloading. You can even show her the results the same day you receive your present. You’ll both be pleased. In fact, the training program guarantees your satisfaction.

The format for the safety education is visual. The presentation will include such important subjects as inspecting the parts of your truck daily for issues and handling the vehicle so as to avoid mishaps. The material fulfills the legal requirement for proper education and accreditation. It is easy to understand and there will be a review. In little more than an hour, you will be ready to answer the twelve questions that enable you to become qualified to operate a lift.

Once obtained, forklift certification is in effect for three years nearly everywhere you might choose to work: all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The industrial equipment you’ve been dreaming of driving since childhood is getting closer. Present your new credentials to your employer, and with permission, you can start practicing checking your machine to see that it is in good condition, adjusting the fork for various loads, and navigating around the warehouse. Your careful observation and preparation will be useful each day. Your time and your Grandmother’s money will be well invested. Rely on U. S. Forklift Certification to help you with your mission.

$38 is Money Well Spent: See How Now

Where can you get great job skill training and a license for $38? Online forklift certification is not expensive, and can be had in a couple of hours. All the work can be done at your computer or with your Smart phone. Just sign up on the secure website, pay the nominal fee, and access the instructional slide show. It will illustrate how to manage your truck safely, to avoid dropping objects and collisions or overturns. You will get an inspection checklist to ensure that your vehicle is always properly prepared for its tasks. The information contained in the curriculum complies with the federal legal regulations for licensing.

Once you have seen the video, a simple quiz will help you to know that you have understood and recall important points. A passing grade allows you to print your three year forklift certification immediately. The paperwork is acknowledged throughout the United States. It can also be used in Mexico or Canada.

Perhaps you just need to update an expiring credential. The same course qualifies you for new or renewal validation.

Once authorized, you will be able to drive a lift at your workplace with the permission of your supervisor. You can practice in an open area with empty pallets. Some people use sandbags. Your maneuvering capabilities will develop quickly as you perform the same skills repeatedly.

For the cost of a night out, or a couple of pizzas, you can acquire an additional proficiency for your career. That could pay for a lot of meals and evenings out. It could also help secure your future.

At U.S. Forklift Certification, we are dedicated to assisting you in making the most of your time while fulfilling the obligation for quality education and documentation. Our support team is at your service 24/7.

5 Things You Never Knew About Forklift Certification

When you watch industrial trucks in operation, have you ever thought about what goes into becoming a driver? Forklift certification is legally mandatory, yet it is wonderfully simple to accomplish.

  1. It is easy to finish an educational safety course in a small portion of your day or at night after work.
  2. Training can be completed online instead of in a classroom. This saves a great deal of time. After you log on, for about an hour you will see a slide show indicating how to look over your vehicle to make certain all parts are in good working order. You will get tips on adjusting the fork, navigating the machine, and managing your equipment according to the best safety practices. The curriculum is legally compliant.
  3. You can spend just $38 instead of a whole lot more. Campus classes can be pricey, as well as inconvenient.
  4. Unlike many licenses, you will not have to do it again for three years.
  5. Forklift certification is good nearly everywhere that you might be inclined to look for employment: any state in the U. S. and even in Mexico or Canada. If you should relocate within these countries, the documentation in your wallet will still be valid.

Before two hours have elapsed, you will have concluded the instructional portion and covered the few test questions. A grade of passing is all you need to obtain the accreditation. Then you can elect to download the verification or watch for it to arrive in your mail.

If you have not previously considered becoming qualified to drive a lift, you may find these facts very enlightening. Visit our website at U. S. Forklift Certification today to get an idea of just what you have been missing.

Your $38 in an Itty Bitty Nutshell

What can you buy with $38? In a nutshell, you can get complete training and forklift certification in a jiffy. That is an amazing price for any occupational education. How is that done? It is as simple as registering for the online video class. You can securely send the course fee electronically and get so much in return.

Watching the slide show on vehicle parts, daily inspections, and careful maneuvering will be fun and instructive. Visual learning is often the most effective teaching tool. The curriculum satisfies all of the OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and regulations. You will gain an understanding of how to prevent accidental tipping and maintain the balance of your industrial truck. You will learn about the risks of falling objects and how to circumvent the problem.

The exam that authorizes you to get your three year license is short, repeatable at no added cost to you, and follows a preparatory session. An acceptable score is 70% or above. Then your accreditation will be mailed to you. You could make the selection to print one for immediate use, as well. The whole United States, Canada, and Mexico consider the documentation valid.

Think how easy it would be to log on from your laptop on the sofa at home or on your Smart phone while elsewhere. That is totally realistic since the instruction and testing can be completed in under two hours.

Have you noticed all the stores, loading docks, and building sites where heavy machinery operates? Forklift certification could be a very sensible move on your part. Added to your job qualifications, this could boost your employability or earning power. You can quickly attain competence as you gain experience, providing a very necessary service. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we are proud to have helped lots of people get their start. This short story could be the link to your success.

The Ultimate Advantages to Online Forklift Certification

For years, the only option for those seeking forklift certification was to request admittance to a technical school and pay a substantial course fee. A routine commute and classroom attendance was necessary.

Today there is a far easier way to acquire your license. Instruction via the internet has made the requirement for proper credentials both simple and reasonable in cost. The online education is totally compliant with the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The legal standards are presented in a video format, focusing on driving and lifting techniques that avoid accidents. You will be able to identify the parts of the machinery and know how to inspect for problems.

After viewing the slide show for about an hour, you will take a short evaluation quiz. When you get at least 70% of the questions right, you will be given the option to download an official accreditation. You will later receive another by mail.

Your forklift certification training will cost you only around $38, payable on a secure site. The qualifications are accepted in any state in the United States for the next three years, and acknowledged in Canada and Mexico, too.

Ultimately, you can obtain your paperwork and begin practicing a new skill in the same day, if you desire. Very few job preparatory procedures could be faster or simpler. The presentation is effective, too, when it is time to renew your eligibility. You won’t have to take time off your busy work schedule to get the job done. In fact, you can do this at your leisure in the comfort of your home. You can even use your Smart phone, as well as your computer.

What are you waiting for? Log on to our website now and see for yourself.