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How Can I Find a Forklift Job in Boston?

How to find a forklift job in BostonSo, you’ve gotten your forklift certification in Boston, but where do you go next? You go to the job boards, of course. Online resources are making it easier to find jobs that are perfectly suited for you, and here are some great ones to help you snag that dream job:

  • Monster: has taken great strides to pair up employers with qualified employees for quite a while now. With their extensive advertising, they have gotten a lot of attention from both sides, which means there are plenty of jobs here for you to choose from.
  • SimplyHired: has been around since 2005, and it averages more than 30 million unique visitors every month. With this kind of traffic, and special features that help maximize employer advertising, you are certain to have plenty of jobs available for the position and area you want to work in.
  • indeed: Being the #1 job site worldwide is quite the reputation. When you go with, you are in good company, and millions of users can’t be wrong.
  • craigslist: Many employers are turning to this free resource to advertise their job openings. With new entries coming in daily, you are almost sure to run across at least one that will lead you to the perfect job.

But Wait!

If you haven’t gotten your forklift certification in Boston yet, then now is the time. We here at US Forklift Certification have an online program that can help you get certified in as little as two hours. Even better, our course is inexpensive, convenient, and comes with an abundance of fail safes that will help you earn the license you need to become an operator. Just check out our site at to learn more about this amazing opportunity, and get started on a career path that’s both exciting and fulfilling.

How Fast Do Forklifts Go?

When you run out of conversational subjects at a party, it might be interesting to discuss how fast forklifts go. Those who have forklift certification can tell you that they are not as fast as your grandmother when she is being chased by a hive of bees. However, since industrial trucks are not equipped with speedometers, nobody really knows for sure just how many miles per hour one travels. Front wheel drive coupled with rear wheel steering makes the idea of racing a fascinating and challenging proposition.

You can always visit a local hardware or super store and watch some machinery in action. You can get in on the action yourself by driving one. First, you have to be licensed. That is easy to accomplish. You can access a computer course for just $38 and view an instructional slide show in only about an hour. Then you will take a qualifying test to get your accreditation. You can even download your license immediately or wait for the one that will arrive in your mail. Although the curriculum is of short duration, it will tell you all you must know to keep you and your coworkers both safe and legal. For example, you will learn how to avoid falling objects and tipping accidents. Your documentation is acceptable in Mexico and Canada in addition to the whole United States. You won’t have to renew until three years. The website is secure, for your protection.

So how fast are these incredible workhorses? You will realize once you have your forklift certification and begin to operate one that this really depends on the size of the particular truck, the drive motors, and the power that is stored in the batteries. It can vary from around 2 to 18 mph. With your new credentials, you’ll soon be able to answer some of those party questions.

Forklifts Make the World Go ‘Round

Have you ever imagined how forklift certification benefits other parts of the world? Perhaps you have wondered if machine designs differ greatly in some other countries. You may have seen occasional news stories about special events related to operating heavy machinery in distant locations.

Certainly these amazing rigs are appreciated and utilized globally to facilitate manufacturing, distribution, and construction. An optimized material flow saves costs and increases profits for businesses. Equipment manufacturers offer warehouse systems advice to help owners analyze their current setup and plan for efficiency and expansion.

While growth in the industry has been noted from Norway to South Africa and Australia, certain countries have seen a substantial uptick in emerging markets. South America, Eastern Europe, and China are particularly bustling with new development.

Some of the largest makers of industrial trucks produce and ship their products to several continents. The opening of a new parts warehouse in Brazil near the end of 2013 will supply the growing demand due to the 125% increase in the implementation of machines that handle cargo.

More unusual functions for conveyance vehicles make interesting news stories.  A new aviation center in the United Kingdom has used a fleet of counterbalanced lifts to relocate cumbersome exhibits for storage as they are delivered to the location. International championship motorcycle trials, also held in the UK, employed devices especially fitted to transport awkwardly shaped hurdles for their obstacle courses.

It is fascinating to be a part of this incredible technologically advanced workforce. Forklift certification is the simplest it has ever been, allowing you to obtain and renew your credentials online in under two hours for the cost of about $38. Safety training not only maintains legal compliance; it enables you to decrease the risk factor as you go about your job. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we are proud to play a role in this progressive field and in your accomplishments as an operator.

Fact or Myth: Online Forklift Certification Explained

How much do you know about forklift certification? Here are a few facts and myths surrounding the subject:

  • Myth #1: It must be expensive. Actually, you can get online instruction that meets all the legal regulations for as little as $38 securely transferred electronically.
  • Myth #2: You have to spend a lot of time on classroom instruction. Specifically, the internet course imparts the information you need to maintain safety while operating your machine in a concise format. The educational video lasts about an hour and the short test afterwards takes a few minutes. You can watch the slides on most Smart phones. Although you could possibly register at a technical academy, you certainly don’t need to commute for your training.
  • Myth #3: It might be difficult to get a license. Literally, it is hard to imagine how it could be easier. While demonstrating correct handling of an industrial truck and supplying a complete inspection checklist, the program covers each topic visually. This makes the subjects memorable and to the point.
  • Fact #1: You will be excited to learn that forklift certification does not have to be renewed annually; only once every three years.
  • Fact #2: Your credentials will be legitimate throughout the United States. Canada and Mexico also honor your documentation.
  • Fact #3: Industrial trucks are constantly in use in the farming industry, in constructing buildings, in shipyards, and in warehouses and supply stores. There are many settings that find such vehicles indispensable.
  • Fact #4: National employment surveys indicate that workers in transport positions are the most pleased with their jobs of any field of occupation.

The truths and fallacies say a lot. Your authorization to drive heavy machinery is a practical and proud investment. Whether you want to develop this as a new skill or update your validation, U. S. Forklift Certification is your answer.

3 Things People Are Saying About Forklift Operators

Drivers and their industrial trucks have always been the subject of admiration. Bystanders have often marveled at those with forklift certification. Here are some of the things onlookers observe about operators:

  1. They are cool. Watching the vehicles zipping around aisles in a store or moving materials at building sites, perhaps the first noteworthy thought is the ease with which the machine does its work. It is an awesome display of skill.
  2. They are so industrious. A transport task gets done both carefully and efficiently.
  3. They are a happy crowd. Most do enjoy their jobs. Some regions sponsor competitive games with an emphasis on safety and adept handling. Lifts have been the topic of conversation in many a Man Cave. Women like them, too, and some even have pink ones.

Where can you go to make this experience a part of your life? Would you believe that you probably won’t have to go anywhere other than your computer or Smart phone to get forklift certification? That’s right. Online education is available to comply with the law while saving you money and time. Just $38 gives you the complete course, the exam, and your license.

Classes are conducted in the form of a slide presentation depicting the safety procedures you will need to know. They give you an inspection checklist and tell you how you can avoid mishaps such as fallen cargo and tipping of the machinery. The show lasts about 60 minutes, after which you will answer the twelve questions that will get you your credentials with at least 70% correct responses.

For three years your accreditation will be esteemed not only in every state of the United States, but in Mexico and in Canada, also. Let us help you capitalize on your awesomeness at U. S. Forklift Certification.

Why You Can Prefer the Forklift Over a Minivan

Forklift certification has advantages you possibly have never considered. For example, heavy machinery is a key factor for the smooth transfer of goods in shipping, warehousing, and building nearly everywhere. However, when you compare its benefits to those of your family vehicle, the assets of the lift become glaringly evident.

First, what can you do with a minivan? You might pile all the kids in the rear and go on a month long educational cross-country vacation.  For a real sense of accomplishment, you could haul the week’s accumulation of garbage to the local recycling facility with the windows rolled down, while the gorgeous blonde stopped at the traffic light next to you holds her nose. You can go on a Sunday joy ride on curving rural roadways at a speed of 35 mph amid screams of “She’s looking at me”, validating your dexterous ability for handling the vehicle in a chaotic situation.

By contrast, what will you be able to do with an industrial truck? You can deftly cruise across the parking lot at work while everyone gapes in amazement at your finesse. You may proudly move an entire warehouse of valuable inventory in less than a week without breaking a sweat. You could simply bask in the peace and contentment of rapport with your machine as it happily purrs along the aisles, oblivious to the rainy day outside. You and your area driver buddies would have a blast at a weekend competition where lifts are exhibited in friendly games demonstrating master performances of skill and safety. You gain appreciation, admiration, and expertise. As for the minivan, well, you have a minivan.

With forklift certification, you can have the best of both worlds. Get your 3 year license to operate for just $38 in the speedy but comprehensive safety course, meeting all federal requirements. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we aim to help you get your accreditation seamlessly.

Why a Forklift is the Best Ride in Town

Carnival season is here: the crisp autumn air, the gooey calorie-laden fun food, and the dizzying fair rides. There’s a ride you can enjoy all year long with forklift certification. Its sleek smooth body and superior handling are legendary.

You can have your family SUVs, your compact models, and your sports cars. Heavy machinery outstrips them all. Its powerful front wheel drive and casual good looks are nothing less than magnetic. Talk about cruise control: with this baby you can cruise and control. Those puny average automobiles don’t even have appendages. How slack.

It’s so easy to get qualified to operate a lift that you can have your license in your pocket as soon as you get home from the festival. Just log on to the secure site from your Smart phone, pay the $38 fee, watch the slide presentation, and pass the quiz. Then print your document right after you walk in the door. You have to admit—that’s a much better prize than a stuffed animal anyway. It’s cheaper than those fair tickets, too.

Your newfound charisma has definitely boosted your ratings on the popularity meter. Back at work, try not to lose all humility as the crowd gathers and drools over the total awesomeness of your equipment.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take it on your next date? Man, did she get lucky. That unsuspecting chick has waited all her life to be picked up by a man in an industrial truck. It will be the most awesome evening of her memory.

Your forklift certification will be good for three years of amazing fun all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. So when you win that all-expenses-paid trip for two to Acapulco, she won’t have to miss seeing her favorite piece of machinery.

What Forklifts Are Made Of: Nothing Like Sugar and Spice

Forklifts provide the machine power in so many industries. The strength of steel is used to perform the work of many humans. What else do you know about the workings and design of these incredibly functional trucks?

Many have either electric or combustion engines. Some operate on batteries. Various types of equipment are more appropriate for certain kinds of lifting. For example, some are geared just for navigating narrow aisles. Others, most commonly diesel powered, are made especially for loading sod. There are even omnidirectional vehicles that can move in any direction over a flat surface within their own footprint. Each of these is suited for specialized work.

Many kinds of attachments are available, too. There are rotators for the tines. You’ve probably seen man baskets on some. There are scales that keep the driver from having to run back and forth performing weighing tasks in addition to transporting materials.
The performance level of industrial machinery has long been a subject of interest to even young children. You may have wondered how you can go about learning to drive one.

Forklift certification is necessary in order to qualify to become an operator. However, it is so quick and easy to get this. Online instruction has made the safety education a streamlined procedure that takes just over an hour and is very inexpensive: only $38. Your Smart phone or computer makes it possible to view the video and take the simple test in short order. Although it takes little time, the curriculum is comprehensive; giving you all the important information you need for government compliant safety regulations and outlining mishap prevention. Then you can practice your handling skills on the job.

Want to get started right away? We make it simple to obtain your credentials.

The Evolution of the Forklift

Long before the days of industrial machinery and forklift certification, early workmen building huge and heavy structures must have longed for more advanced equipment to help them with the backbreaking job. Supplies and materials were carried by hand or simple wagons for many years. Ropes were sometimes used for hoisting objects to upper levels.

Around 1917, the Clark Company launched the first lift vehicle in the United States. This early predecessor of the modern trucks resembled a tractor with an attachment. It was readily welcomed and used in factories to transfer items.

A vertical operational device, similar to those familiar arms on contemporary vehicles, evolved. In the 1920’s, competition arose as other manufacturers also began to produce the machines.

An electric battery powered model soon emerged, and World War II ushered in even more expansion in the industry. By the 1950’s, the Raymond Corporation had introduced the Narrow Aisle Reach Truck and pallets made of wood were in common usage.

The decade of the 60’s saw the addition of electronic controls. Since then, designs have become increasingly more productive while providing greater comfort for the driver.

Today’s operators even have access to online forklift certification that can be completed in the space of two hours or less at a nominal price of $38. Technology has substantially improved both the apparatus and the safety training procedures.

Just as newer and better accessories are continually being developed to further reduce risks and enhance functionality, users have found that the more convenient computer instruction saves time and costs. The educational video also assures ongoing compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations for updated licensing every three years. These are the reasons so many respected businesses depend on the resources of U. S. Forklift Certification for guaranteed satisfaction.

Why forklift operators love their jobs

If forklift certification is an uninvestigated mystery to you, then you probably are curious to know why operators love their jobs. Imagine this scenario: it is lunch hour in the break room. A guy is showing a photo of “my baby” to a coworker. You, observing at a distance, can see something stunningly orange over which the viewers are exclaiming in admiration.  “This chick not only makes money for me, she actually does the work for me, too!” A female joins the group and produces a similar picture as she describes steel-clad muscles with a faraway look in her eyes. How do you define that inexpressible compatibility between the man or woman and the machine; between the human and extruded metal arms?

The chemistry is obvious, so what does it take to get into this special kind of relationship? Forklift certification is easily obtained through a computer course. It’s a cheap date, too, at only $38. There’s a complete online instruction manual, and how many dates come with that? Passing the test will be a piece of cake because you’ll be so well prepared in just over an hour. The movie will be interesting, if not romantic, and it even meets all the federal requirements of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). With your satisfactory grade, you’ll be able to print your documentation with no waiting.

Then you can match up with the heavy metal companion of your dreams anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Your license will solidify the union for three years, and if you’re happy, you can renew after that.

Who knew the love of your life could be waiting for you in a parking lot right behind your local superstore? Let forklift certification take you to that special place in your world. Sign up today and discover what you’re missing.