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How Fast Do Forklifts Go?

When you run out of conversational subjects at a party, it might be interesting to discuss how fast forklifts go. Those who have forklift certification can tell you that they are not as fast as your grandmother when she is being chased by a hive of bees. However, since industrial trucks are not equipped with speedometers, nobody really knows for sure just how many miles per hour one travels. Front wheel drive coupled with rear wheel steering makes the idea of racing a fascinating and challenging proposition.

You can always visit a local hardware or super store and watch some machinery in action. You can get in on the action yourself by driving one. First, you have to be licensed. That is easy to accomplish. You can access a computer course for just $38 and view an instructional slide show in only about an hour. Then you will take a qualifying test to get your accreditation. You can even download your license immediately or wait for the one that will arrive in your mail. Although the curriculum is of short duration, it will tell you all you must know to keep you and your coworkers both safe and legal. For example, you will learn how to avoid falling objects and tipping accidents. Your documentation is acceptable in Mexico and Canada in addition to the whole United States. You won’t have to renew until three years. The website is secure, for your protection.

So how fast are these incredible workhorses? You will realize once you have your forklift certification and begin to operate one that this really depends on the size of the particular truck, the drive motors, and the power that is stored in the batteries. It can vary from around 2 to 18 mph. With your new credentials, you’ll soon be able to answer some of those party questions.

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