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OSHA – Don’t Tempt the Fates

tempting fate: don't get burnedIf you are looking to renew your forklift certification in San Francisco, then you may be wondering if it’s really worth the time or effort. You already know how to drive, and chances are you have years of experience under your belt that says you’re good at it. The problem is, you’re taking a gamble by not obtaining your license, and here’s why:

Back in May of 2012, GM Logistics came under scrutiny following the death of an operator. The truck they were operating started to tip, and the operator attempted to jump out of the way, but he was crushed instead. OSHA found that this was a very preventable death, and they issued a series of proposed citations totaling over $19,000. Of course, no amount of punishment can replace the life that was lost that day due to the blatant disregard for the rules that OSHA has instated.

Fast forward to February of 2013, when Global Experience Specialists are cited for a truck related death at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. This employer not only should have known about the safety violations, but on one count, it can be proven that they did know and allowed it to continue. They have quite a history of violations, and OSHA proposed a hefty $91,000 in fines.

Even as recently as December of 2013, The Gilman Brothers Co. also committed serious safety violations. The total proposed fines are more than $105,000, but over $14,000 can be attributed to truck safety violations, including striking and injuring a pedestrian. Had the rules been followed, these injuries could have been prevented.

These types of violations occur all of the time, which is why OSHA regularly performs inspections. They will fine any employers found in violation. Don’t gamble with your job or your life. Get your forklift certification in San Francisco here at US Forklift Certification. It’s fast, easy, and it’s the perfect reminder to stay safe while you’re operating.

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