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Special Services Agreement

A Special Service Agreement (SSA) is a contractual arrangement within the United Nations system, which establishes a legal relationship between the organization and the person when the person is a contractor or service provider and not an agent. This arrangement is often used for very short contracts when the organization does not want to shoulder the burden of the complex bureaucracy associated with hiring a new employee and dealing with complex applications and benefits. The modality is often used by the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Children`s Fund, and less often in the Secretariat. In all these contracts, different levels apply. Basically, there are two broad categories. The first is the general services category (sometimes called local) up to ICS 7, then the Professional (or International) category as a rule from ICS 8/9. The basic logic is that some jobs do not require international jobs. For example, it doesn`t really make sense to pay a lot of money to employ an administrator internationally, because there are usually qualified people for that work in the field. If you have a national contract, you can expect to stay in the country and you will not be required to move. If you have an international treaty, you can easily be assigned to any other part of the world (a fact that is often forgotten and which regularly leads to conflict when you are actually trying to reallocate the International).

In this category, it gets really chaotic. First of all, there is a very wide variety of treaties and the conditions can be very different. Second, some organizations see consulting contracts, not HR contracts, and regulate them in accordance with the organization`s purchasing rules. As a general rule, these contracts have few benefits for workers. Consultant contracts are time-limited, often short-term, and often violate service rules. They generally allow for greater flexibility in wage negotiations. For example, these contracts are the Special Service Agreements (SSA), The Individual Contractors Agreement (ICA) and others. In the “non-employee” or “consultant” category, things get complicated. First, there is a very wide variety of treaties.

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