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Georgia on My Mind: How to Find a Forklift Job in Atlanta, GA

Georgia peachThanks to online programs such as ours, obtaining forklift certification in Atlanta is the easy part. With license in hand, it’s time to go out and start applying for that dream job, and here are a few places that can help you do that:

Consult the Monster is one of the better known job search engines out there. They have garnered plenty of attention, and plenty of action as well, which means that you have plenty of job options to help you find the one job that will be the perfect fit.

Get a Job, indeed

If you’re looking for the most utilized job site, then turn to They are ranked #1 in the world, which is no small task. Being #1 has plenty of perks, such as the most traffic of any job search site, and the more users there are, the more jobs you will have to choose from.

Get SimplyHired

Available since 2005, boasts an average of over 30 million unique visitors in any given month. They also provide many tools for employers to help get the word out about their job openings, which means that you can easily find the job that you’re looking for.

Make a craigslist, Check It Twice

Taking your forklift certification in Atlanta to is a growing trend. Employers can list their job openings for free, which is an attractive option, and with postings being added every day, it won’t be long before you find the job that you want to go for.

Whether you’re an old pro looking for a new job or someone looking to make a career change, having a current license when you apply will make your resume stand out. Here at US Forklift Certification we have the easiest, least expensive, and most convenient way to earn your certificate, which means that you can get down to the business of securing your dream job in a jiff.

Dallas Forklift Operator: The Sports Fan’s Dream

If you have your forklift certification in Dallas, and you are a sports fan, then it may be time to merge your career with your hobby for a job that is the epitome of excitement and fulfillment.

Football, Baseball, Basketball, Oh My!Sports equipment

Keeping the team’s warehouse stocked and organized, as well as transporting merchandise to the appropriate locations is a big job, but somebody has got to do it. These types of jobs tend to be fast paced in order to keep up with the demands of the season, as well as being seasonal. This means you will likely have to find an alternative job for the off season, but with sports being available year round, you are sure to find something whenever you need it.

Most of the time, the companies hiring for these jobs are looking for someone with experience. There is little time to train individuals, and they want to maximize your employment time since you will only be on board for a limited amount of time. Job requirements are typical to general forklift jobs, and include having good organizational skills and appropriate safety training.

Another very common requirement is the ability to work together as a team. You are working to keep a sports team running, but the behind the scenes team is just as important. It truly is a team industry, which should appeal to any sport fanatic out there.

So, whether you are a Cowboys fan, a Rangers fan, a Mavericks fan, or just a sports fan in general, seeking out forklift jobs at the arenas and warehouses connected with these teams is likely your dream job.

Of course, the most critical element of your job is having proper forklift certification in Dallas. If you haven’t already earned yours, then you should sign up for our online course here at US Forklift Certification. We’re OSHA approved, inexpensive, and the easiest way to earn your license so that you can get out there and start finding the job of your dreams.

3 Miami Tourist Hubs That Employ Forklift Operators

palm trees in FloridaYour forklift certification in Miami is just the ticket for getting a job at one of the local tourist hubs in the area. Options are plentiful, but here are three of the main types of areas where you will find openings:

1. Airports

Much of the tourists come in and out through the airports, making the availability of operator jobs here quite plentiful. From moving luggage to stocking the stores, there is plenty for an operator to do, just be sure to drive carefully, as there is sure to be plenty of traffic.

2. Ports

Being an ocean side town has its perks, and one of those perks is the availability of port jobs. Whether you love being close to the ocean and smelling that salty air, or you just love to work with the large crates used for overseas transportation, this job has plenty of thrills.

3. Merchandise Warehouses

With all of the malls and stores in the area, there are sure to be a variety of warehouses to choose from. You could be transporting anything from clothes and shoes to house wares and novelty items. Most of it will probably be targeted at the tourists in the area, who love to go home with items that tell the world that they have been to the beach. Just be cautious not to damage the goods, or you could be out of a job real quick.

Your forklift certification in Miami is a wonderful thing, but if you don’t have your license, then you can’t get the job. That’s why you should keep your license current with our US Forklift Certification online course. It’s quick, taking as little as two hours to complete, it’s convenient, available any time and anywhere, and it’s inexpensive, costing as little as $38. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

Forklifts Make the World Go ‘Round

Have you ever imagined how forklift certification benefits other parts of the world? Perhaps you have wondered if machine designs differ greatly in some other countries. You may have seen occasional news stories about special events related to operating heavy machinery in distant locations.

Certainly these amazing rigs are appreciated and utilized globally to facilitate manufacturing, distribution, and construction. An optimized material flow saves costs and increases profits for businesses. Equipment manufacturers offer warehouse systems advice to help owners analyze their current setup and plan for efficiency and expansion.

While growth in the industry has been noted from Norway to South Africa and Australia, certain countries have seen a substantial uptick in emerging markets. South America, Eastern Europe, and China are particularly bustling with new development.

Some of the largest makers of industrial trucks produce and ship their products to several continents. The opening of a new parts warehouse in Brazil near the end of 2013 will supply the growing demand due to the 125% increase in the implementation of machines that handle cargo.

More unusual functions for conveyance vehicles make interesting news stories.  A new aviation center in the United Kingdom has used a fleet of counterbalanced lifts to relocate cumbersome exhibits for storage as they are delivered to the location. International championship motorcycle trials, also held in the UK, employed devices especially fitted to transport awkwardly shaped hurdles for their obstacle courses.

It is fascinating to be a part of this incredible technologically advanced workforce. Forklift certification is the simplest it has ever been, allowing you to obtain and renew your credentials online in under two hours for the cost of about $38. Safety training not only maintains legal compliance; it enables you to decrease the risk factor as you go about your job. At U. S. Forklift Certification, we are proud to play a role in this progressive field and in your accomplishments as an operator.

Forklift Certification Can Give You a Distinguished Career

Not everyone knows that forklift certification is a very useful career option and is so easy to get. Men and women everywhere are discovering the opportunities and benefits of this occupation. Industrial trucks can be seen in your local hardware and super stores, at distribution centers, at shipping docks, and on construction jobs. Many industries employ them for their ability to do what would require multiple individuals and far more time.

Some trade schools offer the legally required training for this work, but there is a much easier route to get a license. Online classes, fulfilling the federal regulations, are the fastest and least costly means to earn accreditation. For a secure payment of just $38, you will be able to access a detailed slide show presentation that describes inspection and handling procedures for your vehicle that promote safety. Your 70% or higher grade on a short questionnaire covering the material satisfies the qualifications for validation. Then the forklift certification will be delivered by mail, and you can elect to download one immediately, too.

All of the United States, Canada, and Mexico recognize the documentation which is renewable after three years.
You can accomplish this feat on a limited time schedule: a little more than one hour. Then you will, with the permission of your employer, be authorized to practice the new skill. Experience will build your confidence, and in a short time, you will have developed a practical and rewarding competence. Operators take pride in their jobs, and some even participate in fun competitions that demonstrate their mastery of the equipment and underscore hazard avoidance.

Use your Smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer today to go to the U. S. Forklift Certification website and fast forward the enhancement or upgrade of your credentials.

Allow Forklift Certification to Become Your Reality

Avoid the nightmares that can accompany ineptitude, slackness, and lack of magnetism. Give your confidence a veritable shot in the arm with forklift certification. If, when you flex your muscles these days, no one pays any attention; you need a “For Dummies” manual for every project you undertake; and your ability to turn heads has taken a nosedive, then you could use a  refreshing change in your routine. How might your license perform a miracle of rejuvenation, filling your charisma meter with powerful charm points?

All kidding aside, while others may admire your capacity to perform a difficult task with grace and ease, you derive the benefit of a proficiency that is in demand throughout the industrial world. Your truck is used to transport supplies from seaports, distribute warehouse goods, and move construction materials on site. It is a mighty wizard of competence, strength, and efficiency. Take another look in the mirror at the driver of that magician.

Learning to operate this machinery only requires practice, but government regulations stipulate that you must have your qualifications to begin. You can get that validation for $38 in just a couple of hours through the secure website, and then complete your practical training and evaluation at your place of employment. Your boss will surely appreciate your incentive.

Take charge of your life and give yourself the opportunity of a rewarding vocation and the pride of achievement.  Is this forklift certification a dream come true?  Reality can be every bit as good as fantasy. In the very least, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that a useful skill is ready to be developed and applied in your job. You’ll also realize that obtaining the accreditation is truly affordable and quickly accomplished through online safety education at U. S. Forklift Certification.

3 Things People Are Saying About Forklift Operators

Drivers and their industrial trucks have always been the subject of admiration. Bystanders have often marveled at those with forklift certification. Here are some of the things onlookers observe about operators:

  1. They are cool. Watching the vehicles zipping around aisles in a store or moving materials at building sites, perhaps the first noteworthy thought is the ease with which the machine does its work. It is an awesome display of skill.
  2. They are so industrious. A transport task gets done both carefully and efficiently.
  3. They are a happy crowd. Most do enjoy their jobs. Some regions sponsor competitive games with an emphasis on safety and adept handling. Lifts have been the topic of conversation in many a Man Cave. Women like them, too, and some even have pink ones.

Where can you go to make this experience a part of your life? Would you believe that you probably won’t have to go anywhere other than your computer or Smart phone to get forklift certification? That’s right. Online education is available to comply with the law while saving you money and time. Just $38 gives you the complete course, the exam, and your license.

Classes are conducted in the form of a slide presentation depicting the safety procedures you will need to know. They give you an inspection checklist and tell you how you can avoid mishaps such as fallen cargo and tipping of the machinery. The show lasts about 60 minutes, after which you will answer the twelve questions that will get you your credentials with at least 70% correct responses.

For three years your accreditation will be esteemed not only in every state of the United States, but in Mexico and in Canada, also. Let us help you capitalize on your awesomeness at U. S. Forklift Certification.

Getting hired: qualities your employer wants

Forklift certification can be the beginning of a great job, but what other qualifications are employers seeking in an operator? Here are some of the traits you want to cultivate for the best chances at a solid position:

You follow instructions well. This means you are a good listener, are able to recall all important points, and have a team spirit. Supervisors know they can rely on you.

You display some mechanical ability. You certainly do not have to be a trained mechanic to be able to inspect your machine and perform simple maintenance tasks, but you do want to have a capability for understanding the working parts of your vehicle so that troubleshooting is not a problem.

You are organized and practical. A natural desire to put things in their proper places will make your job easier. Skilled drivers become familiar with the policies and procedures of their companies, and are knowledgeable regarding repetitive actions that are always done the same way.

You must be continually alert and careful. The concern for safety is the main factor in the legal mandate for licensing and instruction. Your forklift certification education updates and reinforces your awareness of accident preventives. An online video course is a time saving and cost effective way to keep you compliant and your maneuvering ability current. Renewal is necessary every three years.

Responsibility is a vital characteristic of an industrial truck driver. You play a major role in inventory control or materials handling, serving in the capacity of several individual workers without such machinery. You supply the power behind the scenes.

If you are getting started in this new competence, or refreshing an expiring accreditation, register on our secure site and have your documentation in less than two hours. Prices begin at just $38.

3 reasons why forklift operators are happy with their job

Most workers in the transportation industry have higher than average rates of job satisfaction. Forklift operators are among those who generally enjoy their occupations. What makes this line of employment so special? Are there particular advantages to choosing this field for your career?

  1. There is a happiness factor related to practicality; to the idea that you are performing a task that is helpful to others. You experience a visible sense of accomplishment as you see items being organized or transferred to an appointed location. There is pride in the knowledge that your efforts are both necessary and appreciated. Your company relies on you to make sure the inventory is safely relocated to its proper place.
  2. Forklift certification is easy to get into and operating the machinery is not difficult to learn. You can become licensed in a little over an hour with an internet course that is fully compliant with the government standards. The slide presentation covers all the valuable information necessary to avoiding accidents. You will be tested on the instruction in a simple multiple choice exam before accessing your printable license. The test can also be retaken if you don’t manage a passing grade right away. The entire process only costs about $38 and can be conveniently done at your computer or with your Smart phone. The actual operation of the lift requires a little effort and practice. This is easily realized under the supervision of your boss.
  3. The pay is good, averaging just under $30,000 annually in the United States, and jobs are usually secure for solid businesses and competent drivers.

This is one vocation that even has an enjoyable following beyond the workday. Some areas host skill competitions to promote goodwill and enhance maneuvering abilities.

If that sounds like the kind of pursuit in which you’d be interested, you can start here today on our secure website. Our support staff stands ready to help you earn your accreditation.


5 states that need forklift operators

While businesses all over the United States utilize forklift operators, here is a small sampling of some of the places currently seeking those who are licensed for this ability:

  1. A Wisconsin warehouse is requesting applications for someone to drive a lift.
  2. A Pennsylvania flooring manufacturer has an opening for an employee to use heavy machinery.
  3. Louisiana has a sugar refinery looking for industrial truck personnel.
  4. Texas has a listing for city street maintenance that requires moving pavement and concrete products.
  5. Virginia needs a worker to relocate forest materials.

There is extensive variety in the number of jobs that involve forklift certification. How does one qualify for these types of positions? The federal government, for safety reasons, requires that you be licensed. It is not difficult to get the proper credentials.

If you take an online accreditation course, you can be qualified in only about two hours. Simply log on to the secure site, pay $38, and view the video presentation detailing the security information you need to know. You will learn the parts of the machine and the steps for inspection and maintenance. Troubleshooting information will be given, and most importantly, you’ll have an understanding of how to prevent common accidents and overturns.

A passing score on the short test will earn you your documentation. You can even print it on the spot, with another copy available to you by mail. The verification will be acceptable in all of the states above, as well as the remainder of the country. You can even work in Mexico or Canada with the same paperwork. There will be no need to comply again before three years.

With all the diverse possibilities, you can see that this will be a very handy addition to your marketable skills.