Nevada Forklift Certification - Forklift Requirements for NV

Are You an Experienced Forklift Operator Working in Nevada?

OSHA requires all forklift drivers in Nevada to be certified every three years. The only exceptions to this are if you have an accident or if you are seen driving unsafely; in that case, you could be required to be recertified immediately.

Failing to have the required credentials could lead to steep fines for you or your employer. That's why, regardless of whether your employer requires this certification, it's in your best interest to ensure you've met all of OSHA's requirements.

Just $38

Even though the consequences may be high, there is almost nothing standing in your way to meeting all of the requirements.

All it takes is $38, about an hour of your time, and a reliable Internet connection. Instead of sitting in a traditional classroom setting most of the day, you can take the entire course from the comfort of your own home. You don't even need to get out of your pajamas.

Most importantly, the certification not only covers you in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno and each city in Nevada, but also in the rest of the United States, Canada and Mexico. That means that you do not need to be recertified just because you're moving to another state or province.

Our common-sense online class covers everything you need to know to meet all of OSHA's requirements. There is even a practice test at the end of the training class so you can test your knowledge before taking the final. If you find you lack in a particular area, you can always go back and review the information before taking the final exam.

The official test is just 12 multiple-choice questions, each of which is directly related to the materials covered. You only need a passing grade of 70%, which means you only need to answer about 9 questions right to pass. If you find you don't pass the first time, just take it again until you do. We never charge a fee for retaking the test.

Your official Forklift Certification Certificate will be available for you to customize and print immediately after you have passed the exam. Your Certification License Card will be mailed directly to you shortly thereafter.

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  Silver Gold Platinum
Instant Access True True True
Easy to follow Forklift Operator Course True True True
Access from any computer True True True
Always open 24/7 True True True
Study when It's Best for You True True True
Complete OSHA Compliance True True True
Daily Inspection Checklist True True True
Online Test True True True
Wallet Card True True True
Instant-Print Completion Certificate False True True
Verify Your Card Number Online False False True
Hard Hat Certification Sticker False False True
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